Faculty Resource Center for Academic Excellence

Grants and Awards

Jamieson Award

This award will be presented to a current or past NCCC faculty member who best exemplifies those traits exhibited by Dr. Jamieson. Other colleagues described Carol as:

A veteran academician with in-depth historical perspective and acute foresight. Faculty from the Humanities Division complimented Carol’s commitment, availability, loyalty, and advocacy. Peers outside the Division praised Carol’s breadth of interest in the College-wide issues, her can-do attitude, her ever-present resilience, and her willingness to serve as a mentor to many.

The Advisory Board for the V. James Renda Faculty Resource Center for Academic Excellence will review nominations and select a faculty member who best represents the commitment to education that Carol personified during her tenure at NCCC.



Resource Development Grants

Summer Time Fun-d

Do you have an idea for improving your instructional materials? Would you like to receive financial support while developing your materials this summer?

The IRC and FRCAE are sponsoring instructional grant proposals. Grants must support research and/or development of instructional resources that impact the NCCC student body in accredited NCCC courses.

The money is used to cover the cost of implementation of an idea or project that is beyond your current, normal job responsibilities. Generally this project should be completed in the summer.

Grow an idea this Summer



SUNY Tuition Reimbursements

The State University of New York (University) Board of Trustees has established a policy of tuition assistance for eligible employees of the University, the Community Colleges and the Research Foundation of the State University of New York. This policy provides reimbursement of tuition and fees charged for eligible courses of instruction taken at SUNY institutions. Niagara County Community College Process of Application

  1. Forms for the academic year (Fall, Spring & Summer) must be approved by division chair.
  2. Forms must then be sent to Human Resources Office by May 1 of each year.
  3. Signed forms are returned to the Faculty Resource Center (FRCAE).
  4. Applicants must supply a copy of itemized tuition bill—only instructional fees are eligible.
  5. FRCAE sends forms for approval by the President.
  6. Monies awarded to the College will be divided equally amongst eligible applicants.
  7. Copies of all approved applications will be sent by FRCAE to the appropriate institutions to credit the account or issue a reimbursement check to awardees.

B140W Form http://www.suny.edu/sunypp/docs/300.pdf