Additional General Education Information

  • Waiver Criteria: Some requirements may be waived or modified based upon high school work and standardized tests.  Waiver information is located at the following link: SUNY General Education Requirement Waiver Criteria
  • Courses That Count In More Than One Area:  Several courses can count in two areas. For example, ART137 meets both the Arts and the Western Civilization requirements. If a student takes a course that meets two requirements, he or she must still complete 30 credits of SUNY-GER.
  • Exception to Courses That Count in More Than One Area - Humanities: An exception to this is the Humanities requirement. Any course used to satisfy the Humanities requirement may not be used to satisfy another category. For example, if MUS117 is used to satisfy Humanities then it cannot fulfill the Arts requirement. The approved course grid on the College website lists these details.  
  • Differences between SUNY GER and NCCC Curriculum Requirements:  Some courses fulfill SUNY GER requirements but do not fulfill NCCC curriculum requirements in the same category. For example, ANT 230 fulfills the Natural Science requirement for SUNY-GER but does not fulfill the science requirement of many programs. Some anthropology, art, music, and theater courses fulfill the Western Civilization requirement for SUNY-GER but only courses with the prefix HIS fulfill the history requirement of many programs. Students needing clarification should consult with their advisor.