Academic Achievement Center

Location: Library Learning Commons
Office / Phone: Room D-215 |  716-614-6724

Academic Achievement Center is open during regular library hours.


Learning Centers

Purpose of the Academic Achievement Center:

  • We offer courses, both elective and remedial, on reading, study strategies, and critical thinking
  • We house the Tutoring Center, which recruits and trains tutors and arranges for free tutoring for those students requesting it
  • We are a study skills resource for students who need help in note-taking, textbook use, preparing for exams, memory improvement, test-taking, vocabulary development, and other areas
  • For foreign language students, we house DVDs, audio tapes, and videos which are used by foreign language faculty to supplement classroom instruction


AAC 041 & AAC 042: Reading II and Reading III / for students who score below 75 on the ACCUPLACER Reading Test.

AAC 104 – College Reading: This 3 credit elective is designed for students who score between 75 and 84 on the COMPASS Reading Test, or for those who elect to take it. It focuses on textbook and critical reading as well as study techniques.

AAC 108 – College Study Strategies: This 3 credit elective covers techniques for synthesizing course content, critical thinking, note-taking, preparing for exams, and other study strategies

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Hours Staffed (Fall 2014)

Monday - Thursday

8:30 - 4:00 pm


8:30 - 3:30 pm


Madison Ackerman
Technical Assistant
Phone: 716-614-6453

Alexandra Fuerch
Technical Assistant

Linda Sauerbier
Technical Assistant (NFCI)
Phone: 716-210-2576