Helpful Hints for Academic Success

As a first step, we ask that you consult with your instructor (s) to better understand why your academic performance may be in jeopardy. Our faculty is committed to your success and knows what is best for you to succeed in their class. In addition, we encourage you to speak with your academic advisor. Advisors are available to you for academic advice throughout your career at NCCC.

If you have factors outside of class that are interfering with your ability to attend, talk with your academic advisor, or with a counselor in Student Development, Room A-131. Student Development is committed to providing students at NCCC the necessary support to successfully achieve their personal and academic goals. They offer academic counseling, career planning, curriculum change, and other support services. For a list of services and workshops, please use this link:

We encourage you to make every effort to attend to your academic work in order to be successful in your educational goals. However, if you

  • wish to withdraw (W grade) from a class or select a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grade, go to Registration & Records, Room A-201.  The deadline to do this for a full-term class is November 9, 2011.  Modular classes differ in deadlines so please consult Registration & Records. Your financial aid may be affected if you choose to withdraw.
  • have questions about how your academic achievement affects your financial aid awards, go to the Financial Aid office, Room A-114.

If you are not attending any classes this semester, you must officially withdraw from the College.  You can do this by downloading the withdrawal form at or you may go to Registration & Records (A-201).  It is important to your academic record and student account to formally withdraw if you are not planning to complete the semester.

We are hopeful that you will take advantage of every support service NCCC provides to ensure your academic success. We believe that positive action on your part will lead to academic success.