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Can students transfer to one of the Dual Admissions colleges, even if they
are not enrolled in a Dual Admissions program?

             Absolutely! In fact, most students who transfer use the traditional transfer
         application process. A student should complete the appropriate application form
         available in the Student Development Center (A161) or from the four-year college admissions office.
         Transfer assistance, including application procedures and information regarding GPA
         and course requirements, is available from the Student Development Center. Since application
         deadlines vary from college to college, the application process should begin at least
         one semester prior to the semester one wishes to enroll.


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If a student doesn't complete the requirements of the Dual Admissions
program, can they still attend the four-year college?

             Yes, however, the student must submit a traditional application. It is the
         responsibility of the student to monitor their progress toward degree requirements. If
         he/she foresees that the requirements will not be fulfilled, then a separate application
         process must be followed.

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What if a student who is enrolled in Dual Admission changes his/her mind
and decides to transfer to a different college or a different major?

             If the student is under 30 credit hours and if the new major and college has a Dual
         Admission agreement, the student may reapply for DA in the new major. If the student
         has completed over 30 credit hours or the College/major is not covered by a DA
         agreement then the student may use the traditional transfer process.

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Can students attend other four-year colleges not included under the Dual Admissions program?

             Definitely! In fact NCCC graduates have transferred to over 50 different colleges
         and universities over the past 5 years. Students are encouraged to identify the College
         of their choice as soon as possible so that appropriate academic plans can be
         designed to ensure proper course selection and transfer of credit.

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 What GPA is required?

             The overall GPA and other admission requirements vary by major and four-year
         college. Admission requirements are listed on the curriculum guides for each program covered under the Dual Admissons agreements.         

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 What if a student drops out of NCCC for a semester?

             In order to remain in the Dual Admissions program, students must maintain
         continuous enrollment in good academic standing. Students who leave NCCC and
         subsequently wish to return to the Dual Admissions program must reapply to the
         college and be accepted for the Dual Admissions program. Returning students must
         have completed less than 30 credits. They are subject to the curricular requirements
         and policies in force at the time they resume their studies. Students who maintain
         continuous matriculated status will not be affected by any curricular changes unless
         these changes are in their best interest.

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Can a student who previously attended another college enroll in the Dual
Admissions program?

             No. These students must apply for transfer through the traditional application
         process. They are encouraged to utilize the transfer services of the Student Development Center  (A161)          to assist them in developing their transfer plans.


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For additional information on the Dual Admission program at NCCC:

Send E-mail to: dual admission coordinator

Or contact the Admissions Office (716-614-6200) or the Student Development Center (716-614-6789)

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