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Fine Arts (AS) to Metal/Jewelry Design (BA or BFA)
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The following information has been assembled to assist those students who have been accepted into the Dual Admission program with Buffalo State College. By completing the following courses, students will fulfill the requirements for the NCCC associate degree listed above, and simultaneously complete the first two years of the Buffalo State College baccalaureate degree listed above. If you have any questions, contact your NCCC advisor, the Student Development Center A131, or the Buffalo State College Admissions Office (phone 878-4017).

DUAL ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Completion of the AS degree in Fine Arts including the courses listed on the curriculum guide and an Art Portfolio.

SUNY GENERAL EDUCATION 2000 REQUIREMENTS (for students who started college in the Fall 2000 semester or later). The State University of New York's General Education Requirement applies to all state-operated institutions offering undergraduate degrees. It requires baccalaureate degree candidates, as a condition of graduation, to complete a General Education program of no fewer than 30 credit hours specifically designed to achieve the student learning outcomes in ten knowledge areas and two competencies, as specified below:
Knowledge and Skill Areas (met through designated courses):
(codes in parentheses are used by NCCC to identify appropriate courses)
Mathematics (M)
US History (U)
Humanities (H)
Basic Communication (C)
Natural Science (N)
Western Civilization (W)
The Arts (A)
Social Science (S)
Other World Civilization (O)
Foreign Language (L)
Competencies (infused throughout the General Education program):
Critical Thinking
Information Management
Community Colleges are not bound by the 30 credit hour requirement; however, students who plan to start at a community college and then transfer to a SUNY school to earn their baccalaureate degree should complete as many general education courses as they can while they are at the community college.
This information is provided by Buffalo State College, and is subject to change. It is intended for the sole purpose of general guidance, not as a statement of official policy. Applicants to BSC (except Dual Admission applicants) must adhere to the policies and procedures in effect at the time of transfer. Students are encouraged to contact the Buffalo State Dual (Joint) Admissions Office for additional and/or updated information.
Revised May 2010