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CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (1-6): A Jointly Registered Program
Niagara County Community College and Buffalo State College
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American Studies Foreign Language Science
English Mathematics Social Studies

The following information has been assembled to assist those students who have been accepted into the Jointly Registered Childhood Education Program. By completing the following courses, students will fulfill the requirements for the NCCC associate degree, and simultaneously complete the first two years of the Buffalo State College baccalaureate degree. If you have any questions, contact your NCCC advisor, Student Development (room A131), or the Buffalo State College Admissions Office (phone 878-4017).
The BS Degree in Childhood Education (1-6) consists of four basic components:
The SUNY General Education 2000 Requirement consists of 10 courses covering 10 different subject areas. Students should plan on completing a least 9 of the 10 General Education courses at NCCC. See NCCC's SUNY General Education Course List.
The Distribution Requirement insures that students have a broad base of knowledge in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies by requiring that students take at least 2 courses in each of the 4 subjects. Students should plan to complete this requirement at NCCC. Consult the Education Distribution Requirement Sheet for a complete list of NCCC courses that will meet this requirement.
An Academic Concentration insures that students have depth in a particular subject area by requiring the completion of 30 credit hours (18 of which must be at the upper division level) within a discipline. Current concentrations available at Buffalo State are: Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, English, and interdisciplinary programs in Environmental Studies or American Studies. Most of the coursework in the concentration will be completed at Buffalo State, but students should try to complete as many as they can at NCCC. Consult the List of Academic Concentrations for a complete list of NCCC courses that will meet this requirement.
The Professional Sequence will begin at NCCC, but most of the coursework, including student teaching, will be at Buffalo State.

: Completion of AA degree in Childhood Education with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. An Intent to Enroll form must be submitted to Buffalo State early in the student's last semester (usually by January 15 for fall or September 15 for spring). Students must also submit a supplemental application (essay) and take the LAST (Liberal Arts & Science Test) before transferring to Buffalo State. For fall enrollment, the LAST should be taken no later than the preceding March. For spring, the test should be taken no later than the preceding October.

Students are encouraged to become familiar with the student handbook produced by Buffalo State College for childhood education majors. It is available on the web at the following address:
http://www.buffalostate.edu/~edu/ughndbk.htm .
This information is provided by Buffalo State College and Niagara County Community College, and is subject to change. It is intended for the sole purpose of general guidance, not as a statement of official policy. Applicants to BSC (other than Jointly Registered applicants) must adhere to the policies and procedures in effect at the time of transfer. Students are encouraged to contact the Buffalo State (Joint) Admissions Office for additional and/or updated information. For the latest information visit the dual admission website at Dual Admission Main Menu