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Digital Media (AS) to
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The following information has been assembled to assist those students who have been accepted into the Dual Admission program with Canisius College in selecting courses that will fulfill the requirements for an NCCC Associate in Science degree and complete the first two years of a Canisius College baccalaureate degree simultaneously. It is important to note that you, the student, must accept responsibility for the planning that is necessary to take the courses required for the degree program of your choice. The Admissions Office at Canisius (phone 888-2200), counselors in the NCCC Student Development (Room A131), your NCCC faculty advisor, and this document are all important resources that are available to help you with this planning. Preparation for transfer should begin as soon as you enroll at NCCC.
Area Studies and the Core Curriculum: See the Canisius College Core Curriculum handout for an explanation of the Canisius Core Curriculum and specific information about NCCC course prefixes that apply to Canisius Area Studies requirements.
DUAL ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: To be admitted (under the Dual Admissions agreement) to the Digital Media Arts major at Canisius College, students must earn the AS Degree in Digital Media and attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
This information is provided by Canisius College, and is subject to change. It is intended for the sole purpose of general guidance, not as a statement of official policy. Applicants to Canisius (except Dual Admission applicants) must adhere to the policies and procedures in effect at the time of transfer. Students are encouraged to contact the Canisius College Admissions Office for additional and/or updated information.
May 2011