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Criminal Justice (AS) to Economic Crime (BS)
at Utica College of Syracuse University

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The following information has been assembled to assist those students who have been accepted into the Dual Admission program with Utica College of Syracuse University.  By completing the following courses, students will fulfill the requirements for the NCCC associate degree listed above, and simultaneously complete the first two years of the Utica College baccalaureate degree listed above.  If you have any questions, contact your NCCC advisor, the Student Development Center, or the Admissions Office at Utica College of Syracuse University (phone ).
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Completion of A.S. degree in Criminal Justice.
"D" grades for dual admission students only will be accepted for transfer credit. For all other students, grades of "C" or higher are required. Courses graded "S/U" will not transfer.
Dual Admissions students can complete the baccalaureate degree in two additional years. An additional elective course(s) may be necessary depending on the degree program and/or the specific transfer course equivalencies.
One half of the major coursework must be completed at Utica College.
This information is provided by Utica College of Syracuse University and is subject to change. It is intended for the sole purpose of general guidance, not as a statement of official policy. Applicants to Utica College (except Dual Admission applicants) must adhere to the policies and procedures in effect at the time of transfer. Students are encouraged to contact the Utica College Admissions Office for additional and/or updated information.

March 2010