International Students

NCCC welcomes students from across the globe to study on our campus! We offer over seventy (70) programs of study and on-campus housing. International students are attracted to our academic reputation, small class size, affordable tuition, and excellent transfer opportunities. In return, your presence enriches our college environment and contributes to the promotion of international understanding.

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NCCC looks forward to assisting you in achieving your educational and career goals. There is a dedicated International Admissions Advisor available to assist you with the application process and its requirements. Once enrolled, there is a designated Student Services Advisor to help you with maintaining compliance, employment concerns, as well as other issues that impact international students.

NCCC is centrally located within 60km (38 miles) from Toronto, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls.

NCCC requires the items listed below for admission to the College. International (F-1 visa) students must be full time with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and must be officially accepted (matriculated) into a degree program. (Canadian students can attend less than full time.)

Acceptance into a degree program is based on the following items: 

  1. Completed online NCCC application
  2. Official High School (Secondary School) transcript in certified English translation with proof of graduation
  3. Official College transcripts in certified English translation for any colleges attended
  4. Assessment for placement in reading, writing and math. NCCC uses Accuplacer testing instrument. A student may be able to test prior to arrival on campus. Arrangements for a proctor and access to the assessment will be scheduled on a case by case basis. Contact 716-614-6728 if interested in this option. If the student is able to visit NCCC prior to their enrollment period, the assessment may be conducted at that time.
  5. Proof of immunization for measles, mumps and rubella. A meningitis vaccine is optional, but must be acknowledged by a signature on the Health Form in our Wellness Center.
  6. Written autobiography essay highlighting the student's goals and reasons he/she is seeking admission to NCCC. (Form FSA-2)
  7. Completed financial document (FSA-4) form indicating financial support of $19,000 minimum ($10,000 for Canadian commuter students).
  8. A certified bank statement confirming the amount noted on the FSA-4 form with the appropriate bank signatures and listed acceptable documentation is also required.
  9. TOEFL score; ibT(61) or paper (500). Go to for more information.

The application deadline for Fall semesters is July 15, for Summer semesters is April 1 and for Spring semesters is December 1. Please remember to allow as much time as possible due to consulate/embassy holidays, vacations, and the increased review of student visa applications. Canadian students do not need to schedule Consulate/Embassy visits as they are exempt from that requirement.

Accepted International Students

International students (with the exception of Canadian students) entering the US for the purpose of study must obtain a student visa from a US Embassy or Consulate. Your acceptance letter and I-20 provided by the College, your passport, along with any other necessary materials must be presented to obtain your F-1 student visa, which will allow you to enter the United States.

Prior to applying for your visa, it is required that you pay a $200 SEVIS fee (Form I-901) to the US Government. (Canadian students must pay the fee but no visa is required). You will be required to present a receipt verifying payment of this fee prior to your documents being processed and entry to the US is granted.

For additional guidelines regarding SEVIS requirements, it is recommended you refer to the following link: This will provide you with information regarding the payment of the SEVIS fee, SEVIS frequently asked questions, and preparing for your F-1 visa interview.

NOTE: All forms must be mailed to the NCCC Office of Admissions.


Please mail all forms / contact for more information:

Karen Drilling, International Admissions Counselor
Niagara County Community College
3111 Saunders Settlement Road
Sanborn, N.Y. 14132 USA

Phone: (716) 614-6282
Fax: (716) 614-6820

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