NCCC Refund Schedule

The calculation of refunds of tuition and fees will be based on your OFFICIAL withdrawal date in accordance with the College policy and the State University of New York regulations. Refund schedules are published each term and can be found on the College website and in the Billing Information Brochure.

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Fall, Spring, and Summer III Semester; LPN Course

    • 100% refunded prior to start of term
    • 75% refunded during week one of term
    • 50% refunded during week two of term
    • 25% refunded during week three of term
    • 0% refunded after week three of term

Summer Semester I & II

    • 100% refunded prior to start of term
    • 25% refunded during first week of term
    • 0% refunded after first week of term

Tuition Refund Request Process

The Tuition Refund Committee will review requests received not later than one year from the close of the semester from which the student has withdrawn.  All requests must be submitted in writing (form available in Cashier's Office) to the Tuition Refund Committee, and include supporting documentation; (e.g. copies of registration form, drop/add forms, medical documentation, military activation papers).  Since information concerning procedures and dates for drop/add and/or course withdrawal is widely publicized, the Tuition Refund Committee will not consider requests which are not filed in compliance with these guidelines. Requests will be considered for the following reasons:

  • Death of the student or death in the student’s immediate family (parent, sibling, offspring, spouse).
  • Medical incapacitation.
  • Military Activation
  • Administrative Error


Student Financial Obligations

Registering for classes creates a financial obligation for which you are responsible.  You are obligated regardless of your attendance in the classes.  Unpaid classes,  for which you registered prior to the start of the term, may be at risk for de-registration prior to or at the beginning of each term.  However, it is NEVER guaranteed that any or all classes will be administratively dropped, and you are still financially obligated for any class that is not administratively dropped. 

Students who remit partial payment, and who are not administratively dropped because of same, will be financially obligated to the College for the unpaid balance, regardless of attendance.

Students whose charges are offset by financial aid awards at the time of registration, or who receive a deferment based on pending financial aid; and who subsequently become ineligible for any of that financial aid (for any reason), will be held liable for all funds due to the College.

Students who remit payment for charges with a check which is returned unpaid (for any reason) become liable for the full amount of all assessed charges plus a returned check charge.

Students who remit payment for charges with a credit card which is later declined (for any reason) will become liable for the full amount of all assessed charges plus a returned check/debit charge.

The college will NOT dismiss or waive a debt created by a refund issued to a student based on financial aid when such aid is subsequently canceled or reduced.

Accounts which fall into a state of default will be referred to an outside agency for further collection efforts.  Students are responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by Niagara County Community College in the enforcement of collection - including, without limitation, the collection fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.3% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, the College incurs in such collection efforts.  Delinquent account information may be reported to credit bureaus, which will negatively impact personal credit scores.


Contact Us:

The Cashier's Office can be reached at 716-614-6443, or by email  Note that the Cashier's Office has adopted the use of email as our only official means of communication with our students.  Additionally, FERPA regulations require us to use ONLY your NCCC email (TWolves email) address.

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