Current Students

School Closings and Cancellations

In the event NCCC is required to close, the announcement will be made using NCCC Emergency Texting System (RAVE) and over the following TV and radio stations:

TV stations 2(WGRZ), 4(WIVB), and 7(WKBW) are recommended stations for closing information since they have agreed to provide the most specific information.

The following radio stations will also provide closing information, but it will be a general message:

AM Stations: WGR (550), WBEN (930), WNED (970), WLVL (1340), and WKBW (1520).

FM Stations: WBUF (92.9), WBLK (93.7), WJYE (96.1), WKSE (98.5), WTSS (102.5), and WYRK (106.5).