2016-2017 Directory

3111 Saunders Settlement Rd. | Sanborn, NY 14132 | 716-614-6222


Admissions 6200
Financial Aid 6266
Records/Registrar 6250
Security 6400
Student Development 6490
Bookstore 6840
Box Office  
Cashier 6443
Library 6705
Public Relations 6225
Niagara Falls Culinary Institute 716-210-2525
Workforce Development 6236
Emergency Contacts  

Rm Name Phone Dept. and/or Division
E216 Academic Achievement 6724 Humanities
A241 Academic Affairs 6450 Academic Affairs
A231 Academic Help Line 6236 Academic Affairs
B109 Alpha Beta Gamma 6461 Business & Hospitality
A167 Accessibility Services (Disability Services) 6285 Student Development
B110 Accounting Lab 6887 Business & Hospitality
A206 Accounting Office 6433 Business Services
A206 Accounts Payable 6434 Business Services
A105 Admissions 6200 Student Services
A105 Admissions Desk 4080 Student Services
A131 Advisement Services 6490 Student Development
A264 Affirmative Action 5950 Equity & Diversity
A161 Alumni Association 5910 Foundation
C206 Anatomy Lab 6426 Science and Technology
D407 ANGEL Learning Management 6798 Electronic Learning/Library
C251 Animal Management 6424 Science and Technology
D405 Archives 6787 Library
D168 Art Gallery 5975 Fine Arts
H167 Athletic Department 6270 Health & Physical Education
H139 Athletic Trainer 6242 Health & Physical Education
D134 AV Equipment Loan 6404 Library Learning Center
F157 Backstage-Fine Arts 4141 Fine Arts
C202 Biology Lab 6426 Science and Technology
G165 Boiler Room 5994 Maintenance
G109 Bookstore 6840 College Association
G145 Bowling Alley 4089 College Association
F153 Box Office 5970 Fine Arts
B138 Business & Hospitality 6460 Academic Affairs
B108 Business & Hospitality PT Faculty 5957 Academic Affairs
B124 Business & Hospitality PT Faculty 6455 Academic Affairs
B125 Business & Hospitality PT Faculty 6467 Academic Affairs
A206 Business Services 6438 Administrative Operations
G200 Cafeteria 4088 Food Service/College Association
A131 Career Services 6490 Student Development
A205 Cashier 6443 Business Services/Administrative Operations
C285 Chemistry 6850 Engineering/Technology & Chemistry
D102 Child Development Center 6245 Student Services
D200 Circulation Desk 6783 Library
A131 Co-Operative Education/Internship 6490 Student Development
A241 College Acceleration Program (CAP) 6450 Academic Affairs
G215 College Association 6844 College Association
CA-117 Community Education 6470 Community Education
G243 Community Service 6255 Student Life
C285 Computer Science 6850 Math/Physics & Computer Information Science
A241 Credit for Prior Learning 6450 Academic Affairs
B106 Credit Union (Alliance Niagara FCU) 6445  
E106 Criminal Justice 6750 Social Sciences
D106 Digital Media Lab 5979 Fine Arts
G200 Dining Room 4088 Food Service/College Assoc.
R127 Driver Education 6470 Community Education
B102 Dual Admissions 6789 Student Development
D407 Electronic Learning 6798 Academic Affairs
R127 EMS Program 6473 Community Education
C285 Engineering 6850 Academic Affairs
C260 Eng./Technology/Chemistry PT 6425 Academic Affairs
H142a Equipment Issue 6775 Health & Physical Education/Academic Affairs
G153 Facilities 5990 Operations
A161 Faculty Association 6283  
D121 Faculty Resource Center 4075 Library
A114 Financial Aid 6266 Student Services
F153 Fine Arts 5960 Academic Affairs
F153 Fine Arts PT Art Faculty 5978 Academic Affairs
F120 Fine Arts PT Music Faculty 6479 Academic Affairs
F136 Fine Arts PT Speech Faculty 6477 Academic Affairs
F153 Fine Arts PT Theatre Faculty 5978 Academic Affairs
G128 Food Service 5986 College Association
A161 Foundation 5910 NCCC Foundation, Inc.
G160 Garage 5993 Grounds
CA118 GED Prep 6236 Workforce & Community Development
A105 24-Credit Hour GED Program 6200 Admissions
A265 Grants Office 5927 President's Complex
H167 Health & Physical Education 6770 Academic Affairs
D162 Help Desk 6730 Office of Information Technology Services
C249 Horticulture 6423 Science and Technology
A261 Human Resources 5950 President's Complex
E106 Human Services 6750 Social Sciences
E206 Humanities 6710 Academic Affairs
D162 Office of Information Technology Services 6730 Office of Information Technology Services
A246 Institutional Research 5925 Institutional Research
A105 International Students 6200 Admissions
H140 Intramural Recreation 6775 Athletics/Student Services
A206 Inventory 6439 Business Services/Administrative Operations
A131 Job Locator 6490 Student Development
G206 Kitchen 5987 Food Service/College Assoc.
CA118 Learning Pathways Program 6236 Workforce & Community Development
D200 Library Circulation Desk 6783 Library
D200 Library Reference Desk 6786 Library
D134 Library Office 6780 Library
D200 Library Public Service 6705 Library
C244 Science and Technology 6410 Academic Affairs
C260 Science and Technology PT Faculty 6425 Academic Affairs
G106 Lost & Found 6400 Security
A105 LPN Program 6200 Admissions
F121 Mac Lab 6876 Fine Arts
G146 Mailroom 5915 Central Services
G153 Maintenance 5992 Facilities & Safety/Operations
C231 Math Center/Lab 6872 Math/Physics & Computer Information Science
C285 Math/Physics & Computer Info.Science 6850 Math/Physics & Computer Information Science
C260 Math/Physics&Comp. Info. Sci. PT Faculty 6425 Math/Physics & Computer Information Science
C244 Medical Assistant 6411 Science and Technology
H129 Men's Coaches 6778 Health & Physical Education
A105 Multicultural Support Services 6258 Admissions/Student Services
C166 Nursing Education 5940 Academic Affairs
C141 Nursing Lab 5945 Academic Affairs
C166 Nursing PT Faculty 5940 Academic Affairs
D162 Office of Information Technology Services 6730 Office of Information Technology Services
G153 Operations 5980 Operations
A214 Payroll 6440 Business Services/Administrative Operations
A261 Personnel 5950 Human Resources/President's Complex
E126 Phi Theta Kappa 6758 Social Sciences
E246 Planning Office 6720 Academic Affairs
H127 Pool, Swimming 6747 Health & Physical Education
D103 Preschool 6245 Social Sciences
A272 President's Complex 5905 President's Complex
G159b Print Shop 5919 Public Relations
CA-117 Professional Driving Institute 6475 Community Education
C285 Physics 6850 Math/Physics & Computer Information Science
A206 Purchasing 6438 Business Services/Administrative Operations
A201 Registration & Records 6250 Student Services
A201 Registrar 6250 Student Services
A172 Computer Lab 4110 Student Development
D121 Resource Center 4075 Library
G106 Security 6400 Operations
G159 Shipping & Receiving 5916 Central Services/Operations
E106 Social Science 6750 Academic Affairs
E146 Social Science PT Faculty 6760 Academic Affairs
G223 Spirit Office 6265 Student Life
A112 Sports Information 6204 Health & Physical Education (Athletics)
A131 Student Development 6490 Student Services
A205 Student Finance (Cashier's Office) 6260 Business Services/Administrative Operations
G223 Student Government 4131 Student Life
G242 Student Life (Activities) 6255 Student Services
G223 Student Senator/Trustee 4091 Student Life
A265 Student Services (V.P. for Student Services) 6240 President's Complex
E151 Superstars 6763  
D143 Technical Services 6795 Library Learning Center
C285 Technology Division 6850 Academic Affairs
A167 Testing Center 6728 Student Development
F153 Theatre Arts 5968 Arts & Media
E216 Tutoring 6215 Humanities
D106 TV Production 6794 Library Learning Center
A214 Verification of Employment 6440 Payroll/Business Services
B103 Veteran Services 6873 Student Development
  Voice Mail System 6800 Office of Information Technology Services
H116 Weight Room 6746 Health & Physical Education
C122 Wellness Center (Clinic) 6275 Student Life/Student Services
A114 Work Study Placement 6266 Financial Aid
H167 Women's Coach 6777 Health & Physical Education (Athletics)
E225 Writing Lab 6726 Humanities
Workforce Development   6236 Corporate Training
Snack Bar   4087 Food Service/College Association