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Horticulture/Plant Sciences Department

Why Give to Horticulture/Plant Science

Our students become the community and industry leaders who shape the restoration of our neighborhoods, the growing and distribution of our food, and the preservation of our natural areas. Our program focuses on hands-on learning and community engagement.

Thanks to extensive industry support, our students enjoy 100% job placement, industry licensure opportunities, local and national scholarships, as well as support for transfer to four-year schools or entrepreneurial pathways.

Giving to the NCCC Horticulture Department will allow us to update and expand our teaching and growing facilities in controlled environment agriculture providing students with new opportunities in the production of food and medicinal plants, food science, plant sciences, and agri-business. Expanded facilities will increase our multidisciplinary activities with other programs such as biology, biotechnology, culinary, and winery operations. Our planned initiatives will create pathways for more community engagement through workforce development, community education, and the NCCC Small Business Development Center as well as generate potential revenue streams.


All donations, unless otherwise stated, will be put in to a temporary restricted fund
to go towards improving and updating the NCCC Horticulture Facilities.

NCCC Alumni Success In Horticulture

Joan Mariea
Daniel O'Neill
Michael Goodnick
Melanie Anderson


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