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NCCC does not have special educational programs. Students with disabilities are in the same classes and have to meet the same requirements as all other students. We do provide reasonable accommodations for disabilities based upon appropriate documentation.

You must contact Accessibility Services at 614-6285 to schedule an appointment to meet with the Accessibility Services Program Administrator, Alissa Shugats-Cummings. Please bring the documentation with you that supports your request for accommodations.

Documentation will vary based upon your disability. Documentation needs to be current and relevant to how your disability affects your functioning within an academic setting. In most cases, if you have a learning disability, you will need to provide a copy of your IEP and psychological evaluation.

When you meet with the Accessibility Services Program Administrator, your documentation will be evaluated to see what accommodations you are eligible for. Every semester, during the first week of classes, letters to your professors which explain your accommodations will be emailed to your TWolves email. You will schedule an appointment to meet with each professor, or meet with them during their office hours, to give them a copy of the letter. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss the accommodations with your professor.

There is a wide range of adaptive technology devices available for students who are assigned these types of accommodations. Caitlin Fulle, Adaptive Technology Specialist, is available to train students in appropriate use of adaptive software and hardware. Students can set up an appointment with the Adaptive Technology Specialist by calling Accessibility Services at 614-6285.

Students with disabilities should apply for the same financial aid packages as all other students. You may also be eligible for services from ACCES-VR (formerly VESID). ACCES-VR is a nationwide Federal-State program. Their role is to help a person with a disability prepare for a suitable occupation, and education may be a part of this. Contact ACCES-VR directly at 716-848-8001 for further information.