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Student Development has a Job Locator on staff that is dedicated to helping students and alumni find jobs. In addition, NCCC has a Job Board featuring a wide variety of job opportunities submitted to the College by local employers.

Student Development also sponsors an on-campus Job Fair every semester. Nearly fifty employers attend, offering students and alumni the opportunity to apply for a variety of positions with their companies. Contact Student Development for current dates or check a copy of the Unschedule, available in Student Development.

Professionals in Student Development are available to assist you with your cover letter and resume. The NCCC website features a number of helpful resources regarding cover letters and resumes, in addition to many workshops offered on these and other employment topics throughout the semester. Contact Student Development for current dates or view Unschedule offerings.

Professionals in Student Development are available to assist you with your interview skills. You can set up a one-on-one appointment to do a mock interview and interview skills assessment or attend an Unschedule workshop on the subject. Copies of the Unschedule are available in Student Development.

Don't give up immediately. Give the job a chance. Sometimes we don't like a job immediately because we don't yet feel comfortable in the environment or because it seems there's too much to learn. Any job you take can help you to develop your transferrable skills – skills that will make you successful in any field! For example, people skills and organization skills are important in any job. Stay in the job for a while. No one says you can't search for a new job while you do. Just be sure to give the employer two weeks' notice before leaving so you can add another reference to your network.

Student Development has Career Planning professionals available who can guide you in making this decision. Sometimes taking a self-evaluation will open you to options you never considered, while at other times taking an entry-level job in a field you're interested in can help you to narrow down your options. Remember: You don't have to decide today! In today's evolving marketplace, it is common for a person to change careers over a lifetime.