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Advisory Board

2019-2020 Academic Year

Membership will consist of representatives from each academic division, Division of Student Services, Office of Academic Affairs, chairs of the Instructional Resources and Professional Development committees of the NCCC Faculty Senate.

The Mission of the advisory board is to assist the Coordinator in meeting the needs of the faculty in their pursuit of excellence in the teaching and learning process at Niagara County Community College.

The Role of the advisory board member is to represent the faculty needs of their division or the committee they chair, to promote participation in activities and use of the services and resources offered by the Center, and to assist in decision making regarding policies, procedures and focus of the Center. The Center is currently under the direction of Gail Tylec, Professor/Coordinator of the V. James Renda Faculty Resource Center for Academic Excellence.

Board Members

  • Babette Strassburg, Nursing & Allied Health
  • Bradley Wingert, Assistant VP Academic Affairs
  • Brenda Simonson, Science, Health & Mathematics
  • Caitlin Wetherwax, Student Services Representative
  • Christina Taylor, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Christine Tirella, Science, Health & Mathematics/Co-Chair of PD Committee
  • Daniel Miller, Science, Health & Mathematics
  • Debbie Sorrentino, Business, Technology and the Arts
  • Derek Martin, Office of Information Technologies OIT
  • Donna Simiele, Online Learning Representative
  • Dr. William Murabito, President
  • Elaine Beaudoin, Science, Health & Mathematics/Chair of PD Committee
  • Ian Stapley, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • James Murphy, Humanities and Social Sciences/Chair of IRC
  • Jean Linn, H.G. Lewis Library
  • Karen Kwandrans, Community Education/Workforce Development
  • Lindsay Rose, Science, Health and Mathematics
  • Lydia Ulatowski, Interim VP Academic Affairs
  • Lynn Brochu, Science, Health & Mathematics
  • Madison Ebsary, Academic Center for Excellence ACE
  • Marc Pietrzykowski, Humanities and Social Sciences/Co-Chair of PD Committee
  • Pamela Lange, Humanities and Social Sciences/Honors Society
  • Rebekah Keaton, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Robert Morris, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Suzanne Buffamanti, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Yvonne Szymanski, Science, Health & Mathematics