Contact FRCAE

Phone: 716-614-4075
Fax: 716-614-6828
Location: D-106 Suite
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 4:00pm

General Information

FRCAE is a resource that faculty are invited to utilize through visiting the Center and/or this website. Should you discover a resource that you believe would be beneficial to the faculty, contact us.

The Center provides access to software applications and office equipment such as printers, scanners, audio/video recording and editing. Additionally, faculty members are able to borrow equipment on a daily/weekly basis. Please visit the equipment page for further details.

The Center provides support to faculty and provides opportunities for faculty to grow through the provision of:

  • Workshops throughout the academic year
  • Presentations by consultants
  • Instruction in the use of new instructional technologies
  • Discussion and brainstorming with the coordinator
  • Assistance in locating resources on teaching and learning conference information

The Center sponsors activities to encourage professional exchange buy supporting:

  • Special interest groups
  • Teaching circles
  • Academic round-table
  • Sharing innovations in the classroom

Topics include strategies for teaching, writing, research, assessment, mentoring, etc...

The Center provides a convenient location to host celebrations to honor the achievements of our faculty.

  • Publicizing accomplishments
  • Receptions honoring faculty
  • Displays of faculty work in the Center and the Art Gallery