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Development Opportunities

On Campus Professional Development

The center offers a variety of workshops and presentations for professional development and personal growth. As a faculty member you will receive alerts through campus email regarding upcoming opportunities. Topics vary from semester to semester.

  • Workshops throughout the year
  • Best Practices in the Classroom
  • Teaching and Learning Series
  • Teaching and Learning workshops
  • Divisional Programming

Fall 2018 Keynote Speaker

It Has Been 55 Years Since the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy—What Do We Know?

Despite the passage of 55 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the general public remains confused about what happened and skeptical about the official explanation. This continues notwithstanding the work of four official investigations by the Federal government and one by a wrongly maligned District Attorney in New Orleans. This talk presented by Dr. Phil Haseley will try to clear away some of this confusion and answer some of the key questions surrounding the assassination and aftermath.

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Off Campus Professional Development

The center provides information on upcoming professional development opportunities, these opportunities are listed on the following pages. Topics vary from semester to semester.

SUNY CONFERENCE on Instruction and Technologies (CIT) information coming soon

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