Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program

About Future Leaders

Niagara County Community College is home to one of forty-seven highly successful programs throughout New York State. Sponsored by a Department of Education Grant, the Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program currently serves over 280 students throughout Niagara County. For more information about enrollment and partner school sites, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Future Leaders affords students and families a foundation to a successful and engaging school experience. Future Leaders designs programming around the individualized needs and goals of our students, assisting them throughout high school and transitioning them into a college or career pathway.  We provide a team during and/or after school for: academic support, goal setting, motivational guest speakers, community engagement activities, self-awareness building, college visits, career/college planning, internships, soft skills development, service learning, and wellness activities. Liberty Partnerships also continues to offer a wide range of these services throughout the summer. We at Future Leaders are invested in each student, having a positive impact on graduation rates and increased school engagement.  We believe in building positive relationships and in doing so, each student becomes their best self, a Future Leader.

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Code of Honor

Liberty means Freedom.

The purpose of the Liberty Partnerships Program is to equip today's youth with the tools to be self-sufficient citizens and life-long learners.

Ability is what I am capable of doing. Motivation determines what I do. Attitude determines how well I do it.

As a Liberty Scholar I shall display the following attributes: humility, honor, enthusiasm, ingenuity, innovation, leadership, compassion, cooperation, and selflessness. It is our common responsibility to preserve these attributes by our actions.

As a Liberty Scholar, I will uphold these traits to the best of my ability because I am not only a representative of myself, but also of my family, my community, and my school.

Future Leader Opportunities

  • Tutoring
  • SAT exam preparation
  • Transition programming for students entering high school and college or entry-level careers
  • Summer Program
  • Saturday enrichment programming
  • Parents engagement
  • Mentoring
  • Career Awareness and Exploration
  • Field Trips
  • College tours
  • Regional companies and careers
  • And much more...

Future Leader Achievements

  1. Will be promoted to the next grade
  2. Pass all state assessments with a level 3 or higher
  3. Have an attendance rate of 93% or higher
  4. Will graduate in a timely manner
  5. Pursue post-secondary education or gain meaningful employment