Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program

Future Leaders FAQs

Future Leaders Liberty Partnership Program enrolls students who would greatly benefit from the services being offered. Liberty Partnerships staff work closely with partner school districts to select motivated students who are seeking assistance with school and community engagement. Staff look at academic performance, school attendance, and peer relationships when determining if a student qualifies. Other outside factors can also be considered. If your child struggles with any of the above mentioned, please reach out to your school counselor and ask about enrolling them into Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program.

The New York State Education Department sets criteria for our partner school sites. Each year legislature votes on the amount of funding that is set aside to assist the youth through our program. As always, we advocate for our youth and look forward to continued or increased funding. If you would like to contact your local legislature to advocate for increased funding of Liberty Partnerships Program, click here for more information.

Yes. Your child needs to be enrolled at a partner school district and school site to offer our services. In special cases, for students who have been enrolled one year or more and are motivated to continue participating, with parent support, can continue to be serviced in our program.

The program and all its offerings are provided free of charge by The New York State Department of Education Liberty Partnerships Grant Program.

There are several pieces of information we must collect before we can begin to offer our services to your child. Click here to obtain the necessary paperwork for enrollment. Once completed mail to:

Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program
Niagara County Community College
3111 Saunders Settlement Road
Sanborn NY, 14132

Students are selected based on individual need, feedback/referrals from school counselors, and the availability of open spots.

Yes. We understand that transportation can be a huge barrier. Most events are planned local to your child’s school district for convenience. For more distant events we provide transportation from a base location.

We have a very diverse staff who hold various certifications and degrees. All staff must pass a fingerprint and background check. Liberty seeks to hire individuals that are motivated to help students learn and become the leaders of tomorrow! To learn more about our staff, click here.

Future Leaders Program can begin as early as grade 5, depending on your district and our partner school sites. Here is a list of current school partners:

  • Niagara Falls High School
  • Lockport High School
  • Niagara Street Elementary
  • Gaskill Preparatory
  • LaSalle Preparatory
  • North Park Junior High
  • Tuscarora Elementary
  • Edward Town Elementary

Yes. Students are serviced until they graduate high school. It is important to offer a continuation of services to our students for them to achieve their peak of success. You will find the services offered are age and grade appropriate and vary from year to year.

Yes, although we ask that you commit to enrollment until your child successfully graduates high school.

Future Leaders program works closely with our schools and community to offer an array of services to your child, depending on their needs. Our program is a separate entity and does require the paperwork to be completed for enrollment. While we do have weekly hours inside each of our school districts we do offer programming outside of our partner schools.

No. Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships aims to increase school and community engagement which ultimately increases their retention and school graduation rates.

Yes. If your child meets the Liberty Partnerships qualifications, they will be considered for enrollment.