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Juanita Allen photo

Juanita Allen

Juanita Allen’s growth in the past two school years is immeasurable. She takes challenges in stride and has worked incredibly hard this year to make her educational goals towards graduation. Juanita joined the Liberty Program way back in the 6th grade and has participated in advocacy, civil service projects, and multiple experiences of leadership growth. She is quick to volunteer to help some else, and works hard to apply herself to whatever challenge she wants to take on next. She has truly taken 12th grade by storm, being named Student of the Quarter for the first marking period and is continuing to work hard towards graduation. Although she is exploring her future career options, she has focused on a CNA program and working within the medical field. With her determination to succeed and great leadership she will surely be successful in her future endeavors. Congratulations Juanita on being the Liberty Leader of the Month for January!

Angel Hill photo

Angel Hill

Angel Hill is our Future Leader of the Month at Edward Town Middle School! She is in 8th grade and is an excellent and conscientious student. She is fully dedicated to her academic performance and has an excitement for learning. Angel was on high honor for the first marking period and is willing to help peer tutor her classmates and support them in school. She is a positive role model for her peers and is kind to others. She is always volunteers at community events and is an active member of the two church youth church groups on Tuscarora. Angel was a huge part of her brother Chase’s Halloween 5K race. Angel plays modified lacrosse and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. It is a pleasure to select Angel Hill for Leader of the Month at ETMS!

Maylee Rickard photo

Maylee Rickard

Maylee Rickard is our Leader of the Month at Tuscarora Indian School for January! Maylee is in 6th grade and is a wonderful student with a positive attitude. Maylee is always willing to participate in activities and events throughout the school year with awesome enthusiasm. She volunteered at Chase’s Halloween 5K race by serving food to runners and with the bake sale. Maylee also helped at the Christmas Bazaar’s food booth with her family like she does every year. We are proud of Maylee and she is the perfect choice for Leader of the Month at Tuscarora School!

Isiah Chrisman photo

Isiah Chrisman

Isiah Chrisman is our Leader of the Month for January at Niagara Street Elementary! Isiah is in 6th grade and he loves singing and wants to learn more about playing instruments. He wants to play the flute, clarinet, guitar, violin, and viola. He likes math in school and wants to improve his grade this year. In the future, he would want to be a police officer or dispatcher and football coach. Isiah is as a role model for his peers by exemplifying his respectful behavior and willingness to help others if they need it. Isiah always gives his best effort and works very hard to be successful in school. Congratulations to Isiah for being selected for Leader of the Month keep up the great work!

Jaison Cobbs photo

Jaison Cobbs

Congratulations to Jaison Cobbs, our Liberty Leader of the Month for Gaskill Preparatory! Jaison is a hard working 7th grader and an active participant in our Liberty programming. He is the first one to offer a helping hand and his positive attitude starts every day on the right foot. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about Taekwondo, and hopes to return to the sport in the future. Jaison set big goals for himself this year and with his determination, I know he can complete them. In the future, he plans on attending college after graduating high school and studying science. He is especially fascinated with biology. Jaison is kind-hearted and an asset to any team. We are so thankful to have his leadership in our program. Congratulations Jaison, we could not be prouder of you this year! Keep up the wonderful work!

Dante Patterson photo

Dante Patterson

Congratulations to Dante Patterson, January 2020’s Future Leaders Liberty Partnership Program Leader of the Month. Dante, a 7th grader at Lasalle Preparatory School, is new to Liberty this year and during a few short months has already displayed the characteristics consistent with a Liberty student. He is always kind to others and willing to help out his peers and teachers. Despite possessing a quiet demeanor, Dante is a strong leader and a good role model. He actively participates in all Liberty activities and has excellent attendance. Congratulations, Dante, and keep up the good work!


Narialyz Quinones photo

Narialyz Quinones

Congratulations to Narialyz Quinones for being our Liberty Partnerships Program Leader of the Month for Gaskill Preparatory! Narialyz is a hard working 8th grade student who plays an active role as a member in Liberty, Student Council, TV Studio programing, and is interested in participating in spring athletics. Her smile lights up any room and her fun personality gets others quickly involved in our activities. She is a good friend to her classmates and a quiet, but strong leader. Narialyz sets a wonderful example for her peers through her positive attitude and commitment to her studies. She clearly demonstrates all of the outstanding qualities we look for in our leaders. We are so proud of her and all she is accomplishing this year. Congratulations and keep up the awesome work!

Elenora Spina photo

Elenora Spina

Elenora Spina, 6th grader, is our Leader of the Month for December at Tuscarora Indian School. Elenora is always full of enthusiasm at school and has a super positive attitude. She is kind to others and helpful to her classmates and teachers. Elenora was just selected for Safety Patrol as well for Tuscarora School! Elenora goes above and beyond in her school work and always strives to do her personal best. Elenora participates in the Falcon Aquatics Swim Program and is a dedicated swimmer who continues to grow. We are glad to recognize Elenora as Leader of the Month!

Corbin Green photo

Corbin Green

Our December Student of the Month for Niagara Street Elementary School is Corbin Green in 6th Grade! Corbin always models a positive attitude and excellent effort at school and participating in Liberty. His favorite subjects in school are math, science, social studies, and English. In the future, he is interested in becoming a scientist or biologist as career. Corbin brightens our day with his friendly smile and treats others with kindness and respect. Thank you Corbin for being an excellent leader for the Niagara Street School community!

Emma Greene photo

Emma Greene

Our Leader of the Month for December at Edward Town Middle School is Emma Greene! Emma is in 7th grade and has shown positive growth in her academics this past school year. She made High Honors for the first marking period and is setting the goal of making High Honors for the rest of the school year. Emma is always willing to participate in class as well as Liberty activities. She is a great role model for her peers and offers a helping hand whenever needed. Emma has been in cheerleading for several years and she has also started modified wrestling for the first time. Emma travels and performs with her family and the Niagara River Iroquois Dancers all over Western New York and the country. We are proud of Emma and all her accomplishments keep up the awesome work!

Aiden Everett photo

Aiden Everett

Congratulations to Aiden Everett, selected as the December 2019 Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program Leader of the Month. Aiden regularly attends Liberty during study hall and stays afterschool almost weekly. He volunteers his time to help decorate the Liberty bulletin board monthly and participated in our community service event. Aiden has decided that he is going to college to become an electrician and become a part of the union. He has not decided what college he is going too, so we are using our Liberty time together to explore different options. Congratulations Aiden!

Courtney Sandberg photo

Courtney Sandberg

An 8th grader, Courtney is new to Liberty this year, but she has already demonstrated many of the leadership character qualities this program is all about. Her genuinely kind and thoughtful ways have had a positive impact on her fellow students, and her willingness to serve at the LaSalle Vineyard and Garden this fall has impacted the whole community. In addition to all of this, Courtney is a talented artist, likes to write, read, and is enthusiastic about learning all kinds of new things. She is a great listener, and is sensitive to others’ needs… all of which make her an amazing addition to Liberty, and a Leader to keep watching!

Elijah Rios photo

Elijah Rios

A student who exemplifies leading by example and the capability of hard work is Elijah Rios. From his start in Liberty in 2015, Elijah’s growth and success has been incredible to see. Elijah is quick to volunteer himself for any project and get involved, including his participation in Big Eagle Little Eagle program at Niagara Falls High School. He is a fantastic mentor who brings forward understanding and guidance with positivity and humor that just spreads through his interactions with others. It has been an amazing pleasure to see Elijah grow into the fantastic young man that he is. He is always ready to complete work in Liberty whether it be an essay for English class or more research into a future auto-mechanic program he has his mind set on that week. Currently in his senior year of high school, his future aspirations are to own his own auto shop one day, and I have no doubt he will be a successful business owner with his work ethic and great leadership. Congratulations Elijah on being the Liberty Leader of the Month for December!


Alana Shaheed photo

Alana Shaheed

Alana Shaheed exemplifies the power of a positive attitude and laugh that can turn any bad day around to a good one. As a Freshman in Niagara Falls High School, Alana continuously works hard in Liberty to improve her math skills in addition to maintaining her living environment and global grades. She jumps at opportunities for volunteering and fundraising projects that are discussed through our classroom, and can be found helping another student with related work or a liberty project. Alana is currently researching careers as a production assistant and is looking at future colleges with theater related curriculum. Congratulations Alana on being the November Leader of the Month! Thank you for all the laughs and positivity you bring to the liberty room every day!

L’Wren Williams photo

L’Wren Williams

Our Leader of the Month at Edward Town Middle School is L’Wren Williams! L’Wren is an 8th grader and L’Wren is a responsible, motivated, and respectful student who sets a positive example for her peers. This is her first year at the middle school and she is setting positive academic goals for herself. L’Wren has taken on the challenge of being in Studio Art that she enjoys and Spanish which is a new language for her to learn. She is currently trying out for the Modified Wrestling team and we hope she has an excellent first season wrestling. L’Wren has participated in Liberty’s girls empowerment camps the past two summers and her family always takes advantages of participating in our family nights. L’Wren will have a successful 8th grade year as she continues to stay focused and motivated!

Lorena Ramirez photo

Lorena Ramirez

Lorena Ramirez is our Leader of the Month at Tuscarora Indian School for November! Lorena is in 6th grade and is a wonderful student who is always willing to help her teachers and classmates while at school. She has grown so much the last few years and shows a curiosity and desire to learn which is an excellent characteristic for her to be successful in school. She is always friendly and kind to her classmates and is willing to help her friends when they need it. Lorena’s positive attitude and dedication to school makes her an excellent example of our Leader of the Month!

Tatiana Calderon photo

Tatiana Calderon

Congratulations to Tatiana Calderon, selected as the November 2019 Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program Leader of the Month. Tatiana regularly attends Liberty during study hall and 6th period lunch. She volunteered her time to help decorate the new Liberty bulletin board which features facts about bats and why they’re useful to our community. She has also decided to start learning Korean to prepare for a foreign exchange program in a South Korean high school that she would like to attend. Tatiana receives Korean tutoring when she visits Liberty to prepare for her hopes and dreams for the future. Congratulations Tatiana!

Tamara Rambert photo

Tamara Rambert

Congratulations to Tamara Rambert, selected as the November 2019 Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program Leader of the Month. Tamara has been engaging in all Liberty Program activities, community service and has actively participated in many conversations in the classroom. Tamara comes to Liberty during lunches and study hall and has set new goals for herself on her own Personal Learning Plan. Tamara is working hard to achieve all of her goals, which begin with passing 12th, finding a college to attend, and getting accepted into the nursing program. Tamara wants to go to college and explore the nursing field and has been considering schools in Niagara County and North Carolina. Tamara is excited to begin her journey as a college student and gain knowledge on what she is passionate about. Congratulations Tamara!

Madison Leveille photo

Madison Leveille

Madison Leveille is our Leader of Month at Niagara Street Elementary School for November! Madison is in 6th grade and this is her first year in Liberty. One of her favorite subjects in school is math and she enjoys participating the swim program. Madison is a positive role model and is always helpful to both her teachers and peers. She has a positive energy that reflects in her participation while completing activities and lessons for Liberty. Great work Madison on being selected Leader of the Month!


Nicholas Rose photo

Nicholas Rose

Congratulations to Nicholas Rose, selected as the October 2019 Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program Leader of the Month. Nicholas has been eagerly waiting for the Liberty Program to startup again at North Park. He comes to Liberty during his 4th period lunch and has just set new goals for himself on his very own Personal Learning Plan. One of the goals he set for himself this year is to learn how to type on a computer keyboard without having to look at the keys. Since his technology class does not start until the 4th quarter, he plans to utilize his aunt for keyboarding lessons. Nicholas has made a lot of personal progress over the summer and is getting closer to achieving his hopes and dreams for the future! Congratulations Nicholas!

Alexis Bissell photo

Alexis Bissell

Alexis Bissell is Leader of the Month at Edward Town Middle School for October 2019. Alexis is in 8th grade and is enthusiastic, respectful, and helpful while at school. She’s always willing to lend a hand to both her peers and school staff. One of Alexis’ many talents is her athletic abilities.  Last year, as a 7th grader, Alexis made the girls Varsity Cross Country team and is currently one of the top runners for the Varsity team. Alexis also does wrestling, lacrosse, and competitive ice skating. She and her family attend the Tuscarora Indian Mission and she is involved in the youth group at the church. Her ability to help others is recognized in her caring and kind personality. Alexis is a true leader and we are proud of all her determination and hard work at school and in sports!

Isaak Franklin photo

Isaak Franklin

Isaak Franklin is our Student of the Month at Tuscarora Indian School for October 2019! Isaak is in 6th grade and has started the year with a very positive attitude. Isaak is turning into a respectful and polite young man who focuses diligently to complete his work and do well in school. Isaak is high intelligent, hardworking, athletic, and well respected by his peers. He comes to school every day prepared and ready to learn in his classroom and specials. Isaak demonstrates leadership qualities to help contribute to both his own and class wide goals and objectives. Awesome job Isaak keep up the good work!

Aeriel Boyd photo

Aeriel Boyd

Congratulations to Aeriel Boyd, selected as the October 2019 Future Leaders Liberty Partnerships Program Leader of the Month. Aeriel has been eagerly waiting for the Liberty Program to start up again at. Aeriel comes to Liberty during lunches and study hall and has set new goals for herself on her own Personal Learning Plan. Aeriel is working hard to achieve all of her goals, which begin with passing 11th grade with 85 or higher in all classes, going to sleep earlier, and passing the 11th grade. Aeriel is excited to do community service around Lockport and be a leader in the program.  Aeriel wants to become a social worker and has been considering Niagara University. Congratulations Aeriel!

Alonna Swanson photo

Alonna Swanson

Congratulations to Alonna Swanson for being selected October’s Liberty Future Leader! Alonna, an 8th grade student at LaSalle Prep, took initiative to be the first student participating in this year’s program, and is already off to a great start to her school year.  Some of her favorite subjects are math (she is taking Algebra this year), Spanish and gym class. She loves braiding hair, and is so good at it, she even has some paying clients! Other interests include basketball, cheerleading and yoga, and even watching some classic TV shows, like “Leave it to Beaver”. Her goals this year include improving her grades in science class, adding new clients for her hair braiding business, and staying focused and prepared.  Alonna’s words of wisdom to incoming middle schoolers: “Pay attention, be on time, take notes so you understand. Be prepared. Be responsible.” Great advice!

E’kyjah photo

E'kyjah Agee

E’kyjah is currently a Senior at Niagara Falls High School and her steadiness through her academics and personality make her a reliable leader that anyone would be lucky to have join their team. Previously pursuing her passion for cooking through the culinary program at NFCI, E’kyjah is now pursuing her passion for mental health and is in the process of researching collegiate programs within this occupational focus. She plans on applying to multiple colleges in the surrounding area and utilizes her time and energy in Liberty to narrow down her options. E’kyjah has been involved in the Liberty Program dating back to middle school, and has attended many summer programs and volunteer events; including a trip to Albany to advocate for opportunity programs and multiple leadership workshops. She is a hard working student who has pushed herself through AP English and will surely continue pushing herself throughout her final year of high school. Congratulations to one of the very first students I had the pleasure of meeting and working with, E’kyjah Agee for being the October Leader of the Month!