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Spring 2018 Offerings

Written Communication ENG 101

CRN 11450

ENG 101 - Writing I 3 Cr.

This course, based on writing as a process as well as rhetorical principles, is designed to develop effective non-fiction prose. Students will learn the use of documentation within the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. They will use writing to promote critical thinking.

Mathematics MAT 110

CRN 11435

MAT 110 - Intermediate Algebra 4 Cr.

For students who wish to improve their algebra skills for future mathematics or science courses. Topics include algebraic operations, linear functions and equations, exponents, radicals and quadratic equations.

Mathematics MAT 164

CRN 11436

MAT 164 - Introduction to Statistics 3 Cr.

Introduction to statistical concepts including descriptive statistics, basic probability rules, conditional probability, probability distributions, estimation of parameters, hypothesis testing using one or two samples, correlation and regression. Computer applications and simulations are done using MINITAB, EXCEL, or other tools of technology.

Social Science PSY 110

CRN 11430

PSY 110 - Introduction to Psychology 3 Cr.

This course is a survey of basic psychology. Primary topics include research methods, the biological basis of behavior, learning, memory, motivation, personality, psychopathology, and psychotherapy. Additional topics include history, sensation and perception, cognition, emotion, growth and development, stress and coping, and social psychology.

Summer 2018 Offerings

Oral Communication SPE 101

SPE 101 - Speech Communication 3 Cr.

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