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Monica L. Ridgeway

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Current Ph.D Student Science Education Curriculum Instruction University at Buffalo
Masters Certification in Professional Science Management University at Buffalo M.A. Geological Sciences University at Buffalo
B.A . Geological Science minor Environmental Studies University at Buffalo
A.A. Liberal Arts Social Science in Humanities Erie Community College

As Director of the Liberty Partnerships Program at Niagara County Community College, I want to ensure that I am using best practices to identify students who are at -risk of dropping out of high school. A black female and a product of teen pregnancy, I dropped out of high school as a result of mobilization and became a young single mother myself. Statistically, I should not be where I am today.  However, I was involved with a pre-collegiate program designed to inspire minorities to further their education and consider the STEM professions, which provided me with a future in academia and a thirst for higher learning. I want to utilize best practices because it is my moral obligation to “pay it forward” and advocate for my students. I hope to be a testament that anyone can accomplish anything they strive for.  I achieved my educational goals while facing stereotypes and negative attitudes, and am working on my PhD in Science Education. I approached all of these with an “I can” attitude.   I did not allow my personal circumstance to have bearing on my ability to learn and retain knowledge. I show my students that with determination and a positive self-image, I have broken the cycle of ignorance firsthand. We have very little influence over our students’ environment, but we can influence how our students interact with their environment. Where you come from does not determine where you will end up.