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Joseph Schmidt
Program Coordinator
Location: F-127
Phone: 716-614-5971

Audio Recording and Production, Certificate


Audio/Sound started in the Theater program in 1990. In 2001, NCCC became the first college in New York State to be affiliated with Digi-Design, and are a Certified Training Facility for them. Between 2001-2007, we saw a growth in additional course offerings and in 2008 we introduced the Audio Certificate Program. Our equipment and courses support the College's Digital Media, Theatre, and Music Programs. We feature the largest collection of ProTools works station in the area, and boast over 50 systems, 4 HD rigs, as well as microphones, digital mixers, synthesizers and the state of the art 5.1 sound system installed in the theater. This equipment provides students with a state of the art education.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare students with the necessary skills for entry-level positions in audio recording or production
  • To provide students with a thorough understanding of digital recording software programs and their application in audio recording and production
  • To facilitate students' creative application of digital recording techniques in audio recording and production
  • To provide practical hands-on experience in the use of digital recording software for creating audio recordings

Gainful Employment Outlook and Costs

Find out what the job outlook is in a particular field after completion of a certificate program. Determine the costs associated for NCCC certificate programs. Cost information is available on tuition/fees, books and on-campus housing.

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Note: Credits cost $190 per credit hour.


Ken Travis Sound Designer: Currently designed the sound for Disney's Aladdin on Tour

Chris Ark: Assistant Studio Manager for CBS Radio

Nathan Gambino: Just opened 5 Day Productions Studio in Buffalo

Richard Toczek: Current Certified Adjunct Instructor for ProTools 101 and 110 levels @ NCCC

Antonio Humphrey: Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel Production of Entertainment/ Freelancer

Scott Quider: Outer Limit Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY

Audio Recording and Production, Certificate Staff

Joseph Schmidt photo

Joseph Schmidt:
Coordinator ARPC

Courses Taught:

  • ARP 100 Audio Production Experience 1cr.
  • ARP 212 Audio Recording & Production Practicum 3 cr.
  • AVID Certified ProTools 101, 110, 130
Marc Hunt photo

Marc Hunt:

Courses Taught:

  • ARP 101 Intro to ProTools 1 cr.
  • ARP110 Essentials of ProTools 2 cr.
  • ST130 ProTools Audio for Gaming 2 cr. New Fall 2018
  • Independent Studies in AVID Certification 200 levels 1–3 cr.
  • AVID Certified ProTools 101, 110, 130, 201, 210
Jason Zubricky photo

Jason Zubricky:

Courses Taught:

  • ARP 201 Advanced Audio Recording & Production 1 cr.
  • ARP 211 Music Production Techniques 2 cr.
  • AVID Certified ProTools 101, 110, 201, 210
David Dusman photo

David Dusman:

Courses Taught:

  • MUS 190 Critical Listening and Acoustics 3 cr.
  • AVID Certified ProTools 201, 210
David Kane photo

David Kane:

Courses Taught:

  • MUS 191 Electronic Music & MIDI 3 cr.
Paul Ceppaglia photo

Paul Ceppaglia:

Courses Taught:

  • MUS / THA 150 Introduction to Sound 3 cr.
  • ARP / MUS Music Notation with Sibelius
Joshua Myer photo

Joshua Myer:

Courses Taught:

  • ARP 210 Post Production Technique 2 cr.