Humanities and Social Sciences


Mark Bonacci, Ph.D., LMSW
Program Coordinator
Location: E-132
Phone: 716-614-6755

Disability Studies, Certificate

Online Option Available


This certificate program is designed for student interested in a variety of entry level positions in the field of Human Services and specifically services for those living with disabilities -- including developmental, psychological and physical disabilities. Many of our former students now work in nursing homes, developmental centers, group homes for the mentally challenged, outpatient clinics, etc..

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare students for entry level positions in the fields of services to those who are differently abled.
  • To help students develop the personal and interpersonal skills they will need to provide these services.
  • To enable students to experience internships in these settings before they graduate.

We continually make adjustments/changes to this program to make it as relevant as possible to a wide number of human services settings.

Gainful Employment Outlook and Costs

Find out what the job outlook is in a particular field after completion of a certificate program. Determine the costs associated for NCCC certificate programs. Cost information is available on tuition/fees, books and on-campus housing.

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