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Lynn Brochu
Program Coordinator
Location: H-165
Phone: 716-614-6243


Physical Education Studies, A.S.


The Physical Education Studies program prepares students with a solid foundation of learning experiences which will enable them to seamlessly transfer into a four-year degree program in Physical Education or a related discipline. The curriculum accomplishes this task by offering courses that have been identified to optimally prepare students for success in Physical Education Teacher preparation programs. The Physical Education Studies courses are offered in a well planned sequence that meets the SUNY General Education requirements. Students learn first-hand about their career path through multiple opportunities for professional development that include shadowing professional educators in Western New York schools. The coordination of classroom learning and practical experiences lead to solid transfer opportunities at four-year institutions.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare students for transfer into a teacher education program or related discipline at a four-year institution.
  • To facilitate the successful completion of all SUNY General Education Requirements prior to graduation.
  • To certify students in: First Aid/CPR, Lifeguard Training, NCSF Personal Trainer Certification, SAVE, and Child Abuse recognition.

Physical Education Studies Catalog Information

2017-2018 HPER Major
of the Year

Gianna Marcantonio

Gianna Marcantonio

"As a physical education major at NCCC, I have participated in many professional development opportunities offered to me over the last two years. As a HPE Club Vice President, I was able to attend a NYSAHPERD conference in Verona, NY. I also participated in Girl in Sport in Buffalo and attended Western Zone Conferences at Canisius College. In my 2nd year, I was offered the chance to teach Physical Education to a local private school, Sacred Heart Villa. Having this opportunity helped me grow as a Physical Educator, I used my lesson plans made in class and had the support of my professors to guide me along the way. I got to showcase how technology affects education at open house at NCCC in the Student Showcase. All these professional activities offered to me have helped me grow as a Physical Education Major and as a person. Thank you to all fellow students and Staff."