Grade Explanation

Niagara County Community College uses the following letter grade and grade-point system

  A 4.0   C 2.0
  A- 3.67   C- 1.67
  B+ 3.33   D+ 1.33
  B 3.0   D 1.0
  B- 2.67   D- .67
  C+ 2.33   F 0.0 - Failure

I 0.0 Incomplete
J 0.0 Audit
N 0.0 Insufficient information for grade
NG 0.0 Non-gradable
S 0.0 Satisfactory
T 0.0 Transfer Credit
U 0.0 Unsatisfactory
W 0.0 Withdrawal from course
X 0.0 Withdrawal from college

Special Indicators:
I - Designates Repeat Course Included (Fall 2003 and after)
E - Designates Repeat Course Excluded
* - Designates Academic Foundation Course
# - Designates Fresh Start Course

Grade Point Average

Your grade point average (GPA) results from the number of quality points (or grade points) divided by the number of credit hours.

Quality points (or grade points) are points assigned to the grade earned, i.e. A=4,... (see grading table above.)

NCCC uses two different GPA’s:

  1. Cumulative grade point average (cum GPA) – the GPA from all the courses you have taken at NCCC which is displayed on your academic transcript.
  2. Degree grade point average (degree GPA) – the GPA from ONLY those courses taken which apply toward your degree program (or major) which is used for graduation.

Graduation at NCCC is based on a 2.00 minimum Degree GPA. If you have switched your major or taken coursework outside your degree program, it is possible some of these courses will not apply to your Degree GPA.


Grades earned:
PSY 110, A, 3 credits
CIS 100, B+, 3 credits

Quality points:
PSY 110 (A = 4 pts x 3 credits) = 12 pts
CIS 100 (B+ = 3.33 x 3 credits) = 9.99 pts

GPA: 21.99 (total quality points) divided by 6 (total credit hours) = 3.67

To assist you in calculating your GPA, click HERE.

For further questions concerning your GPA, please call (716) 614-6250.