S/U Grades

You may elect to take a course with a grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U). Forms are available in the Registration & Records Office (A-201). However, in addition to your signature, the signatures of your instructor and your advisor are required. You must file an S/U form with the Registration & Records Office by the end of the tenth week of the regular semester. This deadline is also posted in the current register, The Spirit, on WNCB, on the campus TV monitors, as well as on flyers around campus.
You should discuss the ramifications of this decision to elect an S/U with your advisor and instructor. In addition, if you are planning to transfer to another college, you should be aware that an S/U grade may not be accepted. Please check with your transfer college on its requirements.
Note: once this form has been filed, the decision is irreversible.

A grade of S will indicate satisfactory completion of the course and will receive credit. However, no credit is given for a remedial course. A grade of U will indicate unsatisfactory completion of the course and will receive no credit. Neither an S grade nor U grade will affect your grade point average.
Some courses are graded only on the S/U grading system. In this case, the instructor will notify you that this is the only grading system for the course and you do not have to file a S/U form.

If you are enrolled in an associate degree program, a maximum of 14 credit hours may be taken S/U. If you are in a certificate program, the maximum is 7 credit hours. It is recommended that these credit hours be taken outside your major area of study.