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Auditing a Course

Auditing a course allows you to attend a course without working for or receiving credit. The decision to audit a course is made prior to the start of classes and is irrevocable. Please note that audited courses are not eligible to receive financial aid.

In choosing this option, you must complete an Audit Form at time of registration. All students who choose to audit a class are given a J grade on their transcript. This form must be submitted to Registration & Records (A201).  Full tuition and the student activity fee must be paid for audited courses, except by Senior Scholars, age 60 or over.

Senior Scholars

Senior Scholars (age 60 or over) may audit up to 4 credit hours tuition free each semester if a seat is available in a class you are interested in attending. Separate course-related fees (consumable supplies, textbooks, online learning fees, lab fees, etc...) are the responsibility of the Senior Scholar.  Proof of age is also required for Senior Scholars.