Registration & Records

Course Substitutions/Waivers

Under certain circumstances, a student may be granted a waiver of a required course. When a student does receive such a substitution, he/she must take a different course to fulfill the minimum number of credit hours required for his/her curriculum. The substitution does not reduce the credit hours required for graduation but changes the specific distribution of the hours in the curriculum affected by the request.

A student who has reason to request a substitution/waiver of a course should initiate the request with his/her academic advisor.  The advisor can obtain an electronic substitution/waiver request form from the Registration & Records Office.  The request must be approved by the coordinator of the program in which the student is enrolled and the division chair overseeing the course that would be replaced by the substituted course.  The Registration & Records Office will only accept course substitution waivers electronically via issued email accounts.