Niagara County Community College (NCCC) understands that cost is one of the most important factors in your college plans. Through the NCCC Foundation, Inc. and many local organizations, a wide variety of scholarships are available to students.

Apply for NCCC scholarships through the AwardSpring Scholarship System

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There are two ways to apply for NCCC Scholarships.

1. For general NCCC scholarships apply online; through the NCCC Scholarship System. Deadline to apply is Friday, April 15, 2016 for Fall 2016 scholarships. To apply simply click the yellow box on the right labeled Login Now to create a new application or continue where you left off. To view the list of scholarships available for both Fall and Spring semesters, click here - NCCC Scholarships

2. For additional NCCC and outside scholarships there are paper applications available to print from each tab below. Deadline to apply varies for each.   

If you need help getting started with your scholarship essay, click here - Essay Writing Tips 

*Please Note* The deadline for the Distinguished Student Scholarship for Fall 2016 will be Friday, March 4th 2016. Please click on the tabs below to view the instructions on how to apply using the paper applications.



Scholarship Awards Availability

The NCCC Foundation, Inc. reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to decrease the actual dollar amount granted from its scholarship awards based upon the economic performance of its investment portfolio from which scholarships are granted.

Please Note:
Please be aware that scholarship awards may affect your financial aid as they are automatically calculated into a student's financial aid package.. A student's financial aid package is based on the cost of attendance which includes not only tuition but also such costs as books, fees, living expenses, and transportation.

For questions and concerns about the AwardSpring Scholarship System or NCCC Scholarships please contact the NCCC Scholarship Office located within the Financial Aid Complex A-114 by email or by phone (716) 614-6205

NOTE: All files above are in PDF Format. To view these documents you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Distinguished Student Scholarship

Deadline to apply: Friday, March 4, 2016 for June 2016 graduates

This scholarship is NCCC's most prestigious scholarship for incoming freshman graduating in June from a Niagara County High School. This full-tuition scholarship is awarded for four semesters and is based on academics, community service and commitment to Niagara County.

View the instructions HERE to find out how to apply for the scholarship.

Print out the application HERE which will be included in your packet. Complete packets are to be returned by the deadline in order to qualify.



Niagara Falls Culinary Institute (NFCI) Scholarships

Statler Foundation Scholarship (Paper application only)

Deadline to apply Friday, March 4th 2016 for the Spring 2016 semester.   

Applicants must be enrolled full time in one of the programs at NFCI.

This scholarship is available for all full-time students in their second year registered in one of the programs at NFCI. Funds from this scholarship are generously made available from the Statler Foundation and are based upon availability each semester. NCCC reserves the right to increase/decrease the actual dollar amount granted based upon the available funds from the Statler Foundation.  

Award Amount: The maximum award for one academic year is $2,000 per student - current academic year is (Fall 2015/Spring 2016).

Instructions HERE

Paper Application HERE


Delaware North Culinary and Hospitality Scholarship

Apply by paper application only!

Applicants must be in their second year and enrolled full time in one of the programs at NFCI

Delaware North’s passion, innovation and unwavering commitment to the highest level of training for its culinary and service teams have been crucial in its reaching the forefront of the hospitality industry. Delaware North believes that education leveraged with hands on learning experience is key to a student’s future success. For this reason, the company has established the Delaware North Companies Scholarship to help students achieve their goals in pursuing a degree in Culinary Curriculums while taking part in a culinary internship with one of the world’s leading culinary and hospitality companies.


  1. Applicants must be full time, second year students who demonstrate a strong work ethic and a desire to meet their educational goals.
  2. Applicants must have and maintain a 2.5 grade point average (GPA).
  3. Applicants must be enrolled full time in a Culinary Arts degree program at NFCI. 
  4. Scholarship includes a culinary internship with Delaware North in one of their WNY locations; Ralph Wilson Stadium, First Niagara Center, Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Hamburg Gaming and Niagara Falls State Park.


  1. Complete the application and essay. Include information in your essay on career goals and any culinary work experiences.
  2. Submit one (1) letter of reference from your current instructor at NFCI.

The application, essay, and letter of reference must be submitted to:

Mark A. Mistriner, Professor/Chair, Business & Hospitality Division at NFCI

Paper Application Click HERE


NYS Federation of Home Bureau Scholarship - Donna Belling

Apply online through the "AwardSpring" Scholarship System

Applicants must be enrolled in the Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts

Click HERE for the Instructions

Click HERE for the NYS Home Bureau Donna Belling Application


Canada Family Culinary Scholarship 

Apply online through the "AwardSpring" Scholarship System

Applicants must be enrolled full time in one of the programs at NFCI

This scholarship is in honor of Jerry Canada Jr’s father, Jerry G. Canada Sr., a beneficiary of a NCCC education, and aunt, Joan F. Canada. Although lacking any formal training in the culinary arts, both very much enjoyed the creative and social aspects that exist around a well prepared meal. Both individuals would be impressed by the Culinary Institute, its potential to have a positive impact on Niagara Falls and the opportunities it presents to students aspiring for a professional career in the foodservice industry. It is Jerry’s hope that this scholarship will enable individuals who might not otherwise be able to attend the Institute an opportunity to do so with limited financial burden.


Nicholas A. DiCamillo Memorial Scholarship

Apply online through the "AwardSpring" Scholarship System

Applicants must be enrolled in the Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts

Nicholas A. DiCamillo was actively involved in the DiCamillo Bakery from his youth until shortly before his death in 2001. Together with his brothers, sisters, and nephews he developed the small bakery from a small basement operation into a multi- store retail and wholesale bakery. The company eventually expanded into the national gourmet food market, and today, DiCamillo biscotti and cookies are sold throughout the country. Nicholas was a certified master baker. He is most remembered by his friends and family for his passion for life, a love for baking, and a firm belief in the goodness of mankind.


Red Coach Inn Scholarship

Apply online through the "AwardSpring" Scholarship System

Applicants must be enrolled full time in one of the programs at NFCI

Thomas Reese owns the Red Coach Inn in Niagara Falls NY. He and his wife, Susanne, believe that a strong work ethic, leveraged with education, is the key to a student’s future success. They have established the Red Coach Inn Scholarship to help students achieve their goals in pursuing a degree in Culinary Curriculums.


J. Ward Reid Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Apply online through the "AwardSpring" Scholarship System

J. Ward Reid was a local businessman from Lockport, NY, who was a stalwart supporter of education as a means toward a more prosperous life. Established in his memory by his family, the scholarship will continue his legacy of a strong work ethic, leveraged with education, while recognizing students in business related curriculums.

Applicants must be enrolled in one of the following degree or certificate programs:

Business Management Certificate, Business Accounting, Business Administration, Retail Business Management, Gaming and Casino Management, Hospitality Management, Hospitality Operations Certificate, International Business, Restaurant Management, Tourism Management and Event Planning or Tourism Management Certificate.




NYS Federation of Home Bureau Scholarships (Awarded only in the FALL)

Deadline to apply: Friday, April 15, 2016

Hand in completed application packets to the Scholarship Office located within the Financial Aid Complex (A-114) 716-614-6205

NYS Federation of Home Bureau Scholarships for the Fall 2016 semester

The local chapter of this statewide organization raises scholarship money through memorials and anniversary gifts to the group.

1. Agnes Kazmierczak - Amount: $250

This scholarship was established in 2003 in memory of Agnes Kazmierczak, the past treasurer of this statewide organization. 

Majors:    Criminal Justice or Accounting

Click HERE for the NYS Home Bureau Agnes Kazmierczak Application.
Click HERE for the Scholarship Criteria and Instructions.

2. Donna Belling - Amount: $500

Majors:    Baking & Pastry Arts or Culinary Arts

Click HERE for the NYS Home Bureau Donna Belling Application.
Click HERE for the Scholarship Criteria and Instructions.

3. Elma Pangburn - Amount $500

Majors:    Criminal Justice or Physical Education

Click HERE for the NYS Home Bureau Elma Pangburn Application.
Click HERE for the Scholarship Criteria and Instructions.

4. Niagara County - Amount $250  

Majors:    Criminal Justice or Nursing

Click HERE for the NYS Home Bureau Niagara County Application.
Click HERE for the Scholarship Criteria and Instructions.

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Scholarship Opportunities

Deadlines: Scholarship Application; March 1, 2016, Unmet Need Information; April 1, 2016

Eligibility - Any student who will be attending NCCC full-time.

Criteria and Instructions Click Here on how to apply


Mary C. Dyster Center for Young Parents $1,000-$1,500

The Joyce Murphy Memorial Scholarship $500

Employees, recent high school or GED graduates, or high school senior applicants who are/were teenage parents, are eligible to apply for both of these scholarships.

Instructions and Application Click Here on how to apply

Reference Letters Click Here (to be printed and given to two references of your choice)


Seneca Gaming Corporation Scholarship Fund 

Criteria and Instructions Click Here on how to apply

Eligibility - Any current NCCC full-time student who is matriculated in any NCCC hospitality and tourism program, or high school senior, and who meets all of the attached criteria.


Pastry Chefs and Bakers Grant

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) and the American Academy of Chefs (AAC) are proud to support pastry chefs and bakers with the Grant for Pastry Chefs and Bakers from the AAC Ray & Gertrude Marshall Fund. Qualified recipients will receive half of their tuition fee or up to $500 upon successful completion of a continuing-education course in either pastry arts or baking within six months of the application date. Grant applications will be accepted throughout the year. Mail or email the completed application to: ACFEF, Attn: Professional Development Grant, 180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095, or

View the list of available scholarships through this Grant



NOCA - Niagara County High School Seniors (NCCC Foundation Scholarship) 

Check with your High School Guidance Counseling Office to determine if your school is an eligible participating member school of the Niagara-Orleans Counselors.

Award - $500 scholarship for the Fall and Spring 2016 semesters.

Eligibility - Candidate must be a Niagara County high school senior graduating in June at a participating member school of the Niagara-Orleans Counselors and plan on enrolling full-time fall 2016 at NCCC. They must maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA for the second semester payment.


Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa members have access to more than 37 million in scholarships. Applicants may apply for one scholarship on the common application or multiple scholarships at the same time. Apply Here


SAY YES to Education Buffalo

The Western NY community has come together in remarkable ways to make postsecondary education possible for students and families from across the income spectrum. Check the Eligibility on their Web page.

 Click HERE to learn how to apply for scholarships and Grants through SAY YES


 SUNY Native American Western Consortium Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

Click Here for the complete list and instructions on how to apply

From Web page select the tab on the left labeled Scholarships and Grants


Volunteer Firefighter Tuition Reimbursement Program (FASNY HELP)

(FASNY) Firemen's Association of the State of New York

(HELP) Higher Education Learning Plan

New York’s volunteer fire departments are currently experiencing a critical need to recruit and retain members. As an incentive for people to serve, FASNY has developed the Higher Education Learning Plan (FASNY HELP). This program provides tuition reimbursement to individuals attending community college for up to eighty (80) credit hours.

Under FASNY HELP, student-volunteers are eligible to have up to 100% of their tuition reimbursed in exchange for maintaining their grades and fulfilling defined service requirements. They must also be a “member in good standing” in one of New York’s volunteer fire companies during both their school years and service payback period.

Visit the website at and under the Resources tab you will find the tuition reimbursement program (FASNY HELP). Download the FASNY HELP Handbook to learn more about applying today! Start by completing the application on page 15 and have page 16 signed and notarized.

Once completed submit everything directly to the contact address located on page _____________________________________________________________________________

Scholarship Websites for additional "free" money

Scholarship Information Sessions as part of the "Unschedule Workshops" 


During the Spring 2016 semester for Fall 2016 Scholarships

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


10:00 a.m.


Financial Aid Conference Room, A-117


Lisa Mahl, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

The online NCCC "AwardSpring" Scholarship System will be discussed in more detail as well as how to apply successfully. Essay writing tips will also be covered..feel free to bring your essay to the workshop for critique if needed before applying. 

Anthony S. Gullo Faculty Association Scholarship

Deadline to apply: Friday, April 15th 2016

This scholarship was established by the NCCC Faculty Association with donations made by the Association, its membership, retirees and others wishing to contribute. It was renamed in 2008 in honor of past president Anthony S. Gullo.

Available: Fall 2016 semester

Amount: Varies (awarded for 4 semesters)


1. Applicant must be the child or stepchild, grandchild, step-grandchild, spouse or domestic partner of a current or retired NCCC Faculty Association member.

2. Applicant must be accepted as a full-time or part time, matriculated student at NCCC. 

3. Applicant must have a minimum of 85% non weighted, cumulative average or 3.0 overall college grade point average.


1. Complete the application and the essay. Include information on your career goals.

2. Provide the name of the Faculty Association member or retiree relative.

3. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation written by a high school teacher, guidance counselor, college professor, or employer addressing your academic performance.

4. Hand in your completed application packet to the Scholarship Office located within the Financial Aid Complex, A-114 by the deadline date.


Application to apply HERE