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Career Services

Career Services at NCCC includes career planning, job placement, employer and recruiter relations, employment-related campus events, and student access to a number of workshops and resources set up to assist students in further developing employment-related skills. Services are available to current and past students and graduates. Student Development also features an extensive career planning and employment topic library and information on a variety of online resources. NCCC has a strong relationship with many local employers, who come to our Job Fair each semester and frequently contact us seeking our students and graduates for employment.

Students seeking employment regularly come to our office to learn how to put together effective cover letters and resumes, discuss interview skills, and examine job search techniques. In addition to the numerous employment-related workshops we hold every semester, our Job Locator provides one-on-one employment consultations with students and alumni and a pre-screening service for employers seeking qualified candidates. We act as an intermediary between students and employers: we direct students to appropriate employment opportunities and we will forward relevant employment documents from qualified student candidates to employers when job opportunities are available.

Students and employers can call (716) 614-6290, stop in to A-131, or email

Are you a student seeking employment?
Browse the Job Board regularly for new postings.

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There are many websites which might supplement the services we offer on-site at NCCC. Some are set up like traditional employment and career information sites while others are social networking sites with employment components.

Student Services

Job Placement services are provided to current students as well as graduates. Information on a variety of employment opportunities is available. We currently host our own Job Board, which offers the latest information in local employment opportunities posted through our office for all students and alumni. Students seeking employment should browse the Job Board regularly for new postings.

Often, it's helpful to meet with an employment professional in Student Development to assess your employment needs and more specifically explore what type of employment opportunity you are seeking. Factors that might influence your choices: childcare, transportation, course schedules or other academic commitments are also explored. Also, this will put you on the e-mail list for our weekly employment newsletter.

In addition, students can get assistance with cover letters and resumes, interview skills, and job searches, or take advantage of the print resources available on these topics including a helpful employment information packetWe also offer one-on-one consultations on professionalism, employment skills, and appropriate dress in the workplace. All students are encouraged to make use of our resources: attend the Job Fair held on campus each semester, participate in an Unschedule workshop, attend presentations by speakers who come to campus and various employment events held here each semester.

View frequently asked questions for career counseling.