Conference Schedule

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Park in Lot 3. Additional parking is located on the north-side of the campus in Lots 5 and 7. For buses, please drop off passengers in front of the Learning Commons and park ONLY in Lot 5. See the map.

Enter the campus through the Learning Commons building, “LC” on the map.

SURC Sign-in will be in the Learning Commons from 8:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. There will be a host available there throughout the day to meet late arrivals.

Welcoming, opening performance and keynote address begin at 10 a.m. in the Fine Arts Auditorium. Consult the map in the program, guides and directional signs will be in the buildings to assist you.

Wi-Fi ACCESS: Choose the SURC network and use SUNY2019 as the password.

Schedule Overview

Time Activity Location
8:30 AM – 9:50 AM


Learning Commons
8:30 AM – 9:50 AM

Meet the Artists
H. Roberts, NCCC: Color Exploration in Nature
Z. Lahrache, NCCC: Artful Bones
A. Wisniewski, NCCC: Preparing an Art Portfolio for Transfer

Learning Commons
Dolce Valvo Art Center, D101
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Welcome Address: Vice President of
Academic Affairs, Lydia Ulatowski

E. Welch Ruth, NCCC: Dance Performance: 
Passion of Spain

Keynote Speaker: Jo Johnson,
Ecological Planner, Buffalo Niagara
Waterkeeper: Tackling Legacy
Pollutants & Emerging Threats to
Protect Western New York's Waters

Fine Arts Auditorium
F Building
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Meet the Keynote Speaker

Learning Commons,
1st Floor
11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Morning Oral Presentations E Building
11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Morning Poster Presentations Learning Commons, 2nd Floor
12:15 PM – 1:45 PM Lunch, Grad Fair Cafeteria, G Building
1:15 PM L. Montanero, SUNY Fredonia, Vocal
Cafeteria, G Building
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Afternoon Oral Presentations E Building
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Afternoon Poster Presentations Learning Commons, 2nd Floor

Morning Oral Presentations

11:15 AM – 11:30 AM

Presenter Room Title
T. Benedetto, SUNY Buffalo E201 Women Pushing the Pen in Arthur Miller’s Work:
An Analysis of the Impactful Women in Miller’s Life and Career
J. Bleasdale, SUNY Buffalo E202 A Qualitative Understanding of Healthcare Providers’ Engagement in Conversations with Patients about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
T. Burrows, SUNY Buffalo E205 “So Be My Love as You Surely Are”: Arthur Miller’s Years with Marilyn Monroe
H. Chang, SUNY Buffalo E206 The Elements that Promote the Development of Intercultural Communication Under the Multinational Company and Important Steps
S. Clevenstine, SUNY Cobleskill E101 Comparative Study on Birthing and Weaning Performance of "Dapple" Boer Meat Goats versus Standard Boer Meat Goats.
K. Eaton, SUNY Buffalo E102 Genetic variation and thermal tolerance in an octocoral symbiont and the implications for Caribbean octocorals through in hospite studies
N. Halter, SUNY Brockport E106 The relationship between parenting practices, an individual’s locus of control, and motivations for marijuana use

11:30 AM – 11:45 AM

Presenter Room Title
J. Han, SUNY Fredonia E201 Perceptions of an Altruistic Act: Sacrifice, Motive, and Impact
T. Hansen-Schwoebel, SUNY Geneseo E202 Using ArcGIS to Map the Fruiting Phenology of Native and Invasive Species
B. Hoy, SUNY Brockport E205 Effects of litter manipulation on the plant community of an oak savanna
M. Janahan, Monroe CC E206 The Games We Play: An Exploration of Childhood Agency In the Realms Of Fairytales and Reality
S. Lilley, SUNY Geneseo E101 The Economic Benefits of Immigration
A. Linson, Finger Lakes CC E102 A Third Party Option
W. Briggs E106 Media Convergence: Providing a Descriptive Chronology

11:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Presenter Room Title
N. Louisos, SUNY Buffalo E201 S.M.A.R.T. Treadmills for Virtual and Augmented Reality: Sustainable Methodology for Automating Recycled Treadmills
B. Lux, NCCC E202 Are You Worthy? - Mjolnir
C. Lyman, SUNY Buffalo E205 An Analysis of the Prevalence and Predictors to Depression in a Male Population
J. Malagisi, SUNY Brockport E206 The abundance and density of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) and the invasion of hemlock woolly adelgid around Hemlock Lake, NY
A. Renaud, SUNY Geneseo E101 Analysis of Rhetorical Devices’ Influence on Common Understanding of Satirical Written Works
S. Schmeer, SUNY Geneseo E102 Inspiration v. Appropriation: Representation of Indigenous Cultures in Western Dance Companies
A. Wierbinski, SUNY Fredonia E106 Is Muscle Soreness Attenuated with Vitamin E Supplementation?

Morning Poster Presentations

Presenter Poster # Title
Z. Alkaifi Poster #1 Regioselectivity in [2+2] photocyclization of buteneoxyacetophenone
A. Babbitt, Cayuga CC Poster #2 The Dangers Of Vitamin Overdose
T. Bassett, SUNY Buffalo Poster #3 Mesolimbic in vivo calcium imaging in freely moving rats
M. Beers, SUNY Brockport Poster #4 Comparison of Prey Fish Fatty Acid Signatures among the Finger Lakes
O. Borisiuk, SUNY Buffalo Poster #5 A Novel Laser-Fluoride Technique for Caries Prevention
C. Bosso, SUNY Buffalo Poster #6 Design and Implementation of Ultra-Broadband Spread Spectrum
Communications in the Terahertz Band
F. Branciforte, SUNY Fredonia Poster #7 “Face south!”- Examining spatial language use in children with autism spectrum disorder
A. Bukhari, SUNY Buffalo Poster #8 Monitoring Compliance with Opioid Replacement Therapy in Patients with Opioid Addiction
F. Chojar, SUNY Geneseo Poster #9 A Town Divided
H. Christopher, Cayuga CC Poster #10 Vaping and Teens: The Juuling Movement
T. Clark, BSC Poster #11 Jules Bledsoe: Portrait of a Young Artist in His Own Words
A. Coggins, BSC Poster #12 Freezing-induced gold nanoparticle (AuNP) aggregates for near-IR SERS substrates: the effect of AuNP size on the SERS signal
C. Connor, SUNY Buffalo Poster #13 Abstinence from chronic methylphenidate exposure modifies CB1 receptor levels in a dose-dependent manner
A. Coriale, Cayuga CC Poster #14 What Is The Best Treatment Option For Alcoholism?
J. Creed Poster #15 Morphometric analysis of an unusual specimen of cichlid in the genus Teleogramma (Teleostei: Cichlidae)
K. Cronin, SUNY Fredonia   Poster #16 How Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Use Referential Language in Conversation
N. Crouch, Cayuga CC  Poster #17 The Evolution of Journalism From Print To Digital: Who loses?
E. Dash, SUNY Geneseo Poster #18 Brighton Tudor: Revival Domestic Architecture in an Early Automobile Suburb
D. Defranco, SUNY Buffalo Poster #19 Ashes to Ashes, We All Fell Down: Paleodemography and the Identification of Plague Cemeteries
C. Disanto, Cayuga CC Poster #20 Veterans' Toughest Battle
J. Distefano, SUNY Buffalo Poster #21 Design of a Brain Computer Interface Using Motor Imagery and a Mechanical Gripper
J. Drews, SUNY Canton Poster #22 Application of Heated Concrete on Bridge Deck
N. Dubill, SUNY Fredonia Poster #23 Melodic Intonation Therapy and Left-Hand Rhythm Tapping: A Possible Therapy For Word Finding Deficits in People With Non-Fluent Aphasia
F. Faiola, Cayuga CC Poster #24 Is Bad Publicity Actually Good Publicity?
T. Francois, SUNY Buffalo  Poster #25 Development of Trail System On UB Campus
E. Frauenhofer, BSC Poster #26 A Description of Anatomical Locations Affected by Periosteal New Bone in Human Skeletal Remains
J. Gabriel, SUNY Geneseo Poster #27 Critical Bone Fracture Repairs: A Comparison of Porous Properties of Chitosan Bioactive Cement and Pig Bones
A. Gadd Poster #28 Systematic Design of Xerogel Coatings to Reduce Bacterial Settlement
F. Hathaway, SUNY Canton Poster #29 Investigation of Major Advance Methods of Accelerated Bridge Construction for Concrete Girder Bridges
E. Helzer, Cayuga CC Poster #30 Polar Bears: Is The Climate Killing Them?
A. Honan, SUNY Buffalo Poster #31 The Role of Subvocalization in the Mental Transformation of Melodies
D. Horbachewski, Alfred College Poster #32 A Qualitative Risk Analysis for Enhancing the Safety of Excavator Operations in Construction Projects
S. Hosking, SUNY Buffalo  Poster #33 Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor Related Protein 1 (LRP1) and Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4alpha (HNF4alpha) in Lipid Metabolism Regulation
E. Kaplan, SUNY Buffalo Poster #34 Competitive Interactions between Strains of Breviolum antillogorgium Under Temperature Stress
F. Keba, Cayuga CC Poster #35 Antibiotic Resistance: Your Microscopic Enemy Found Everywhere
J. Kraft, BSC Poster #36 Green is the New Orange: Reasons to Compost on Campus
M. Maredia, SUNY Buffalo Poster #37 Functional Connectivity Brain Circuit Mapping Associated with Cocaine Self Administration, Extinction and Reinstatement
B. Marshall, BSC Poster #38 Observation of Speech and Language Pathology in Accra, Ghana
M. McGregor, SUNY Buffalo Poster #39 Functional Connectivity Changes in Brain Glucose Metabolism in Areas Associated with a Novel Environment
P. Mckenzie, NCCC Poster #40 Non-traditional Victims of Domestic Violence
J. Meyer, BSC Poster #41 Going Gold: Personality of Girl Scout Gold Awards Recipients
Y. Muladjanov Poster #43 Computational Study of first generation dendron in excited triplet state
L. Nitsche, SUNY Buffalo Poster #44 Effect of epilepsy-associated mutation on NMDA receptor function and cell viability
J. Noonan, Brockport Poster #45 Lake-Wide Comparison Of Chinook Salmon Condition After Pen-Rearing In Lake Ontario
B. Nurdinova, SUNY Canton Poster #46 Modeling of an Integral Abutment Bridge in STAAD.Pro
L. Peralta, SUNY Buffalo Poster #47 A unique T cell and the complex Lupus disease
C. Perry, NCCC Poster #48 Preservation Issues in Archival Collections and Rare Books
T. Pranto Poster #49 Mu2e electron detector construction
R. Quirk, Cayuga CC  Poster #50 Social Media Influencers
C. Rapp, SUNY Buffalo Poster #51 The Effects of Binge Ethanol Drinking on Brain Glucose Metabolism using FDG μPET in Rats
R. Reagan, SUNY Buffalo Poster #52 Regulation of matrix metalloproteinase in NASH: A potential role of retinoic acid (Vitamin A)
A. Reese, SUNY Buffalo Poster #53 The Influence of the Medicalization of Addiction on the United States Legal System
N. Risley, Alfred College Poster #54 Fan Coil Unit
K. Rivers, NCCC Poster #55 Got Pain? There's a Pressure Point for That!
J. Rocha, SUNY Geneseo Poster #56 Language Barriers Impacting Children of Immigrant Farmworkers
N. Roeder, SUNY Buffalo Poster #57 FABP 5 Gene Ablation Promotes Resilience to Stress Reinstatement for Cocaine Seeking Behavior in Mice
T. Roggie, Cayuga CC Poster #58 Double Dipping: How Federal Subsidies Enrich Universities and Encumber Students
M. Rubab Poster #59 Stability of the Meglitinide and Similar Structure
H. Ryan, Cayuga CC Poster #60 The Evolution of Arthurian Legend
K. Sepulveda, SUNY Fredonia Poster #61 The State of Earth's Oceans: A Rhetorical Analysis of "Sewage Surfer"
Z. Smith, SUNY Buffalo Poster #63 Preclinical detection of leptomeningeal inflammation in myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) model of multiple sclerosis (MS)
M. Spink, SUNY Buffalo Poster #64 Wet Lab Experiments to Validate Proposed Gene Calls in Kytococcus Gene Annotation
M. Stott, Cayuga CC Poster #65 The World's Largest Country
S. Szozda, Cayuga CC Poster #66 Women In Sports: Why Are They Not Making As Much?
A. Tanweer, SUNY Buffalo Poster #67 Effects of Tissue Pigmentation and Water Content on Surgical Lasers
L. Tariq Poster #68 Molecular modeling to study regioselectivity of photocyclization between alkene and benzene
M. Too, SUNY Brockport Poster #69 The Use of Mean Value Theorem in Number Theory
D. Turner, SUNY Brockport Poster #70 Exploring the Issues Students with Learning Disabilities Encounter as they Transition into College
D. Valvo, NCCC Poster #71 The Influence of the Harlem Renaissance on Equality
P. VanNostrand, SUNY Buffalo Poster #72 Optimized Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Resource Limited Systems
S. Wilcox, SUNY Buffalo Poster #73 A Cross-Species Analysis of Physiological Blood Indices and Nest Ectoparasitism in Purple Martins, Eastern Bluebirds, and Tree Swallows
C. Wilson, Cayuga CC Poster #74 Animal Agriculture in the Environment: Rethinking Consumption
K. Wolski, NCCC Poster #75 Is Everything We Know A Lie?
H. Zimmer, SUNY Buffalo Poster #76 Propofol Does Not Attenuate the Cardioprotective Effect of Mild
Hypothermia in Swine
T. Asquith, Alfred College Poster #77 Signal Strength-Based Antenna Tracker

Afternoon Oral Presentations

2:00 PM – 2:15 PM

Presenter Room Title
M. Aderman, Empire State E201 Excavating Memory in Memoir Writing
M. Bennett, SUNY Brockport E202 Good Vibrations: The Effect of Sound on the Restoration of Directed Attention
A. Bordieri, ECC E205 The Magician in Roleplaying Games
M. Chiarella, SUNY Buffalo E206 The Effect of the Birth Control Pill on American Women’s Conformity to Catholic Teaching
J. Tan E101 2-D Finite element analysis on incompressible couple-stress Stokes flow via Lagrange multipliers
J. Clocksin, SUNY Brockport E102 Unearthing early Haitian Creole literature: The literary, linguistic and sociocultural significance of "Ti-Jak" by Carrié Paultre
F. D'Alessandro, SUNY
E106 Pitch in Your 100 Cents: Laryngeal Muscle Activity During Pitch Interval Singing: a Surface Electromyographic Study

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Presenter Room Title
S. Dube, SUNY Brockport E201 Examining how the presence of invasive swallowwort (Vincetoxicum sp.) affects the abundance of earthworms
T. Fairchild, SUNY Fredonia E202 The Intersectionality of Identities: Access to and Quality of Social Care Resources for People Experiencing Homelessness
R. Frost, SUNY Geneseo E205 The Disease of Capitalism: A Case Study following the impact of Capitalism on the Environment and Indigenous Communities
S. Gallivan, SUNY Geneseo E206 Bowling Alleys of the Industrial Midwest
C. Hargrove, SUNY Geneseo E101 Elements of Warship Design: Scale and Propulsion, 1860-1945
E. Hilbert, MCC E102 Before you can walk you must fly
D. Johnson, SUNY Buffalo E106 Dye Flow-Visualization of Vortical Flow Around Rotating Golf Discs

2:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Presenter Room Title
G. Kuliner, SUNY Geneseo E201 Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization: Two Approaches using Implicit Filtering
C. McVeety, SUNY Geneseo E202 A Regression Analysis: The Relationship Between Income Inequality and its Economic/Non-Economic Determinants
J. Oshei, SUNY Buffalo E205 Terrorist Strategies, Duration, and Spread of Fighting in the Next Lebanon-Israel Conflict
A. Pursell, SUNY Buffalo E206 Pizzagate 1.0: The Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic of the 1980s
J. Rauen, ECC E101 A Simple and Affordable Biofilm Assay
L. Robinson, SUNY Oswego E102 Metaphysical Blackness
B. Smith, FLCC E106 Mythology as a Framework for Understanding Gender in Mesopotamian Society

2:45 PM – 3:00 PM

Presenter Room Title
L. Smith, SUNY Geneseo E201 Power and Protection in Armored Warships, 1860 – 1945
O. Taylor, MCC E202 Hurricane Rescue-Bot Design
G. Zajac, SUNY Buffalo E206 Me Too/Him Too, Arthur Miller
L. Montanero, SUNY Fredonia E101 The Role of Music in Transforming a Life
L. Purdue, SUNY Buffalo E102 The Relationship between Night Eating Syndrome and Replacement Behaviors amongst Bariatric Surgery Candidates

Afternoon Poster Presentations

Presenter Poster # Title
J. Acheta, SUNY Geneseo Poster #1 Conditioned place preference of alcohol after a single exposure: A pilot study
A. Arduini, Cayuga CC Poster #2 The Effects of Media on Children
I. Bajwa, SUNY Fredonia Poster #3 EnablArm – The Arm That Learns From Itself
E. Balasi, SUNY Brockport Poster #4 Prime Numbers Between Sum of Divisors
J. Bamburoski, Monroe CC Poster #5 Student Built and Designed Quadcopter
J. Beiter, BSC Poster #6 The Japanese Shakuhachi Over Time
A. Bennett, SUNY Buffalo Poster #7 Assessing the Effect of Eye Drops on Mice with Corneal Dystrophy
J. Bianconi, Alfred College Poster #8 Rotational Energy Harvester: Magnetic Based Piezoelectric and Inductive Energy Generation
M. Botsford, Cayuga CC Poster #9 A Survey of New Yorkers: Constituent Approval of State Government
R. Bracken, SUNY Buffalo Poster #10 Investigating the Functionality of Mutant NFIX 
N. Brancato, Cayuga CC Poster #11 The Effects of Air Pollution and What can be Done to Lower Levels
G. Bream, BSC Poster #12 A Long-Term Vegetation History of the La Botica Archaeological Site in Colorado's San Luis Valley
P. Burney, FLCC Poster #13 Urban Schooling vs Suburban Schooling
A. Burns, Cayuga CC Poster #14 Is the Video Game Industry Headed for a crash?
K. Caldwell, FLCC Poster #15 Perceived Control and Its Effect on Conspiracie Beliefs
M. Capovani, SUNY Buffalo Poster #16 Smart Insole to Enhance Adaptive Treadmill Walking
N. Certo, SUNY Fredonia Poster #17 The Effects of Room Lighting on People’s Cognition
S. Conley, Cayuga CC Poster #18 Modern Technologies: Positive and Negative Impacts on Children’s Development in Education
A. Coughlin, SUNY Fredonia  Poster #19 Pain Tolerance Threshold Influenced by Social Self-Focus in Relation to Social Anxiety
A. Daniels, SUNY Geneseo Poster #20 Catalysis and Sustainability
B. Demetri, SUNY Geneseo Poster #21 The Role of Post-Encoding Retrieval on Cognitive Representations of Spatial Environments
J. Dhanoa, SUNY Buffalo Poster #22 Stiffness dependent cancer cell morphology: An automated assessment of heterogeneity
F. Filkins, FLCC Poster #23 General Intelligence in Relation to Working Memory and Processing Speed
K. Gardner, SUNY Geneseo Poster #25 Diurnal Patterns of Attention Bias
V. Gates, Cayuga CC Poster #26 The Effectiveness of Captive Breeding Programs in Helping Wildlife Populations
A. Gonzalez, SUNY Fredonia Poster #27 Exploring the Current Model of Autism in Mouse: Third Trimester Exposure to Valproic Acid
D. Griffith, Alfred College Poster #28 Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot
T. Gutierrez, BSC Poster #29 Relations Between Screen Time on Social Media and Mental Well-being
R. Haffey, SUNY Buffalo Poster #30 Chronic Exercise Increased GABA(a) Receptor Expression in Females
O. Herritt, NCCC Poster #31 How Does Studying Abroad Help Students Increase Their Employability?
G. Hunt, Cayuga CC Poster #32 Long Term Impacts of the Deep-Water Horizon
S. Jenks, SUNY Oswego Poster #33 Resting State Functional Connectivity of the Bed Nucleus Stria Terminalis and Attentional Biases to Threat and Happiness
O. Joseph, SUNY Buffalo Poster #34 Predicting Hurricane Landfall from the Atlantic on United States Territories using Historical Advisory Data from 1998 to 2018
J. Kearney, SUNY Brockport Poster #35 Foraging ecology of butterfly species at Iroquois and Montezuma National Wildlife Refuges
L. Kelley, SUNY Fredonia Poster #36 Advertising and Attitudes
R. Khan, SUNY Buffalo Poster #37 Approaches for Improving Graph Coloring in Large Real-World Graphs
J. King, SUNY Fredonia Poster #38 The Big Five and Women’s Beliefs of Sexual Assault
E. Kinney, SUNY Fredonia Poster #39 Do demand effects impact self report measures of aggression and mindfulness?
J. Knowles, SUNY Geneseo Poster #40 The Rise of Gourmet Eating in The New American South
T. Laird, SUNY Brockport Poster #41 Effects of delayed feeding on GI motility and the optomotor reflex in 8 day old zebrafish
L. Latif, SUNY Buffalo Poster #42 Exploring Instructional Influences on Student Engagement in Undergraduate STEM Courses
E. Lemmey, SUNY Fredonia Poster #43 Localization of Myosin Isoforms in Mouse Skeletal Muscle
J. Lepore, SUNY Geneseo Poster #44 Investigating Oxidation of Alcohols with (NH4)2Cr2O7 in Washed Sand
L. Lin, SUNY Buffalo Poster #45 Natural Disaster Damage Loss Prediction Using Social Media Data: The Study Case of Hurricane Irma
J. Ma, SUNY Buffalo Poster #46 The Interplay of Familial, Gender, and Ethnic Factors in Association with LGB Mental Health
J. McCart, SUNY Geneseo Poster #47 New Criteria for Comparing Global Stochastic Derivative-Free Optimization Algorithms
N. Merlino, Cayuga CC Poster #49 The Correlation Between Burnout and Depression in Physicians
A. Miller, Monroe CC Poster #50 The Construction and Operation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Compete in the 2019 SUNY TYESA Mini UAV Competition
P. Moffitt, NCCC Poster #51 Venus Figurines Abstract
C. Mokadam, BSC Poster #52 Climate, Vegetation, and Important Ethnobotanical Plants at La Botica Archaeological Site
O. Moore, SUNY Fredonia Poster #53 Hegemonic Masculinity and Broad Sexual History in Correlation to Sexual Aggression
M. Moukheiber, SUNY Buffalo Poster #54 Imaging Alzheimer’s, Evaluating Drug Therapies, and Proposals For Where We Can Go
T. Nguyen, SUNY Buffalo Poster #55 Reversing Age-related DNA Damage Response Impairment in Stem Cells
S. Nowicki, SUNY Buffalo Poster #56 Across the Sea, Upon the Stage: Early Modern Depictions of Immigrants
M. Packer, SUNY Fredonia Poster #57 Rhetorical Analysis of the Tulsa County KKK Rally of 1996: Modern Implications of The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot
B. Palmer, SUNY Brockport  Poster #58 Quotients related to the prime number distribution
J. Parsnick, SUNY Geneseo Poster #59 Biomimicry: Synthetic Models of an Organometallic Nickel Enzyme
V. Patel, SUNY Plattsburgh Poster #60 Multistep Synthesis of Lignin Model Compounds for Isomeric Hydrolysis Rate Comparison
K. Priest, SUNY Geneseo Poster #61 The role of post-trauma environment on the development of alcohol use disorder
C. Rowe, NCCC Poster #62 The Virtue of a True Friendship
K. Roy, Cayuga CC Poster #63 The Reality Of Puppy Mills
A. Schick, SUNY Buffalo Poster #64 Elucidating the Critical Site of Angiotensin II Action in Enhanced Appetition
T. Schroeder, FLCC Poster #65 The Effects of Birth Order on Personality
C. Seckner, Cayuga CC Poster #66 Long Term Effects of the Great Depression and Correlation to the Great Recession
E. Smith, NCCC Poster #67 A Budding Market
K. Smith, NCCC Poster #68 Elder Abuse
J. Somers, Cayuga CC Poster #69 Are Greenpeace’s Tactics Effectively Changing the World
H. Stellingwerf, Cayuga CC Poster #70 Homeschooling and its Effects on Socialization
G. Switzer, Monroe CC Poster #71 Simulating a Rescue Kit Delivery to a Remote Location with a Mini UAV
A. Szeglowski, SUNY Buffalo Poster #72 Mechanotransduction in Vascular Smooth Muscle: AMPK-Tensin1 as Mediators of Stiffness-Induced Responses
A. Tabassum, SUNY Buffalo Poster #73 Combined Ice-Templating and 3D Printing for Synthesizing Graphene Oxide Aerogels for Contaminant Removal from Water
T. Temiz, SUNY Fredonia Poster #74 Applying the Coding of Quantized Images Based on Pseudo Distance Together with Particle Swarm Optimization
A. Tufekcic, SUNY Buffalo Poster #75 An examination of a novel DNA-binding protein in Escherichia coli
H. Tyson, FLCC Poster #76 How Sleep Quality and Mood are Affected by Blue Light from Electronics
P. Walsh, SUNY Fredonia Poster #77 Heart Rate Variability in Fit and Unfit Populations
J. Wang, SUNY ESF Poster #78 Study on Immobilization of Lactobacillus Pentosus by Sodium Alginate and Polyvinyl Alcohol
C. Wiedemann, SUNY Buffalo Poster #79 Social Surrogacy and Fictional Friend Groups: Effects of Fictional Friend Groups on Feelings Toward Real-Life Friend Groups
V. Wiley, SUNY Geneseo Poster #80 Sequential Replay or Spatial Reconstruction? Investigating the Dynamics of Recollection
A. Wojciechowski, SUNY Buffalo Poster #81 Effects of Neuropeptide S and RTI-263 on Behavioral Phenotypes in Rats
R. Yeung, SUNY Buffalo Poster #82 The Effect of Matrix Stiffness on Morphologic and Structural Heterogeneity of Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts
N. Young, SUNY Buffalo Poster #83 Smart Dental Fillings with Ruthenium Nanoparticles-Enhanced Photobiomodulation Therapy for Pulp-Dentin Regeneration
Q. Le, SUNY Buffalo Poster #84 Affinity purification of biotinylated molecules using monomeric streptavidin - conjugated agarose resin