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What is a Placement Test?

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* If your register for a Saturday test session, your testing fee must be paid by check or money order.

Testing Center Hours

Monday-Wednesday, Friday:
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Location: Room B-102
Phone: 716-614-6728
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The purpose of the Niagara County Community College (NCCC) Placement Test (ACCUPLACER) is to assess your current skills in reading, writing and math for placement into appropriate coursework at NCCC. The test is administered online in an adaptive computer-based format, featuring unlimited time; experience with computers is not necessary.

Inside our brochure we explain what tests you will have to take, how to take them, what to bring, waiver of testing, and provide sample questions. Hard copies of this brochure are mailed to all NCCC applicants and are also available in the Testing Center office.

You can review the list of waivers to see if you are exempt from one or more of the College placement tests.

Niagara County Community College is participating in a research study conducted by Columbia University and the Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness (CAPR) on placement procedures for students. The purpose of this study is to learn about the effectiveness of alternative methods of placing students into math and English courses upon their enrollment into Niagara County Community College. Opt out forms are available to fill out when you attend your test session.

What to Bring With You to Test

1. Photo ID is required (i.e. driver's license, state ID, or passport)
2. Testing fee $14.00 (also applicable for re-test appointments)

Please Note: You will be provided with scrap paper and pencils for the test(s). Students are not allowed personal items in the Testing Center (B-102). This includes coats, bags, backpacks, cell-phones, computers, folders, notes, etc. The only items allowed are approved materials from your instructor for use with your quiz/test/exam. Items may be left on a table near the Proctor. (Testing Center staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items)

Off Campus Testing

Students who live outside of the area can choose to complete placement testing off campus by finding a proctor to administer the test for them. Many colleges and universities have testing centers which allow students from other schools to take tests. There may be a fee per each exam taken; students will be responsible for all fees incurred while taking exams. Once a proctor has been identified at a college or university testing center, the student will need to fill out the "Request to Take ACCUPLACER® Off Campus" form from our website and fax, mail, or e-mail a copy to the Testing Center. View a list of "New York State Testing Sites".

Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities

The placement tests are not timed. This means an academic adjustment for extended time is not necessary. Students who need other academic adjustments for the placement tests should contact Accessibility Services prior to scheduling an appointment.

716-614-6285 or

Additional Review and Study Information

  1. View a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) by students.
  2. Official ACCUPLACER Study App available from iTunes.
  3. Additional Sample Questions
  4. Search for the terms "Accuplacer Practice" or "Accuplacer Sample tests" in any Internet search engine. You should find many links to sources for free ACCUPLACER review: and
  5. Contact the Testing Center if you are interested in attending a pre-collegiate course in math, writing or reading comprehension. The courses are free of charge. Please contact the Testing Center at 716-614-6728 or at for more information.