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Muscular System Links
Nervous System Links
Reproductive System Links
Endocrine System Links
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General Use Links
  • my A & P website - Website accompanying Human Anatomy & Physiology, 8th Ed., Marieb, Hoehn
  • Stages of Mitosis, University of Omaha
  • DNA Workshop, PBS: A Science Odyssey
  • Bob's Cat Dissection Website, NCCC's website of dissected cats organized by body system

    Histology Links
  • The JayDoc HistoWeb, University of Kansas
  • The Virtual Microscope, Delaware Community College
  • The LUMEN Histology Slide Series, Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN)
  • Histology slides,University of Omaha
  • Blue Histology, University of Western Australia
  • Integumentary System, Blue Histology
  • Anatomy and histology of normal skin, LUMEN
  • Mitosis, epithelial and connective tissue, and skin slides, Kilgore College

    Skeletal System Links
  • EasyAandP YouTube Videos, NCCC
  • Skull Anatomy Tutorial, GateWay Community College
  • Virtual Bones, Delaware County Community College
  • LUMEN Bone Box
  • Skeletal System, labeled photographs, PSU
  • Webanatomy Skeletal System, University of Minnesota
  • Bone and Bone Development, University of Delaware

    Muscular System Links
  • LUMEN Muscle tissue histology
  • Loyola University's Master Muscle List
  • Webanatomy Muscular System, University of Minnesota
  • Cat dissection: Muscular System, Virtual Cat, DCCC

    Nervous System Links
  • Motor neuron smear and spinal cord histology slides, University of Omaha
  • Neuron and nerve histology slides, LUMEN
  • The Whole Brain Atlas, Harvard Medical School
  • Labeled Sheep Brain Photographs, Delaware County Community College
  • Cranial Nerves, Yale University School of Medicine

    Reproductive System Links

    Male Reproductive System Sites

  • Male Reproductive histology slides, Histoweb, University of Kansas
  • Male Reproductive histology slides, LUMEN, Loyola University

    Female Reproductive System Sites

  • Histoweb, University of Kansas
  • Female Reproductive system histology Slides and Review, University of Western Australia
  • Female Reproductive histology slides: Ovary, fallopian tube, uterus, LUMEN, Loyola University
  • Female Reproductive histology slides: Cervix, vagina, placenta, mammary gland, LUMEN, Loyola University

    Embryology Sites

  • Starfish development photographs, University of Guelph
  • Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago - Images from their in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab includes photos of a human fertilized egg, morula, blastocyst and many other images. They also offer a virtual tour of their lab.

    Other Reproductive System Sites of Interest

  • "The Biology Project's Human Reproduction Problem Set" from University of Arizona - This site contains a lot of helpful information. It's a set of questions that would be very good practice for the lecture test. They give you the correct answer and explanation before moving on to other questions.

    Endocrine System Links
  • Histoweb, University of Kansas

    Cardiovascular System Links
  • Peripheral Blood Cell Page, University of California at San Francisco
  • Clinical Chemistry and Hematology Page, Wadsworth Center, NY Dept. of Health
  • WebAnatomy Cardiovascular System, University of Minnesota
  • LUMEN Learn your arteries
  • Sheep Heart, GateWay Community College
  • Anterior Human Heart with quiz, GateWay Community College
  • Posterior Human Heart with quiz, GateWay Community College
  • Cat dissection: Blood vessels, with and without labels (Clear photographs), Penn State Anatomy Lab

    Respiratory System Links
  • Respiratory system histology slides, Blue Histology
  • Variety of lung histology slides, Histoweb

    Urinary System Links
  • Urinary System histology slides, labeled, Blue Histology
  • Information on Urine Analysis, Merck Manual Home Edition
  • Urinary system histology slides, labeled and unlabeled, Rutgers University

    Digestive System Links
  • Stomach, small and large intestine histology slides, Blue Histology
  • Gastrointestinal histology slides, Histoweb
  • Cat dissection: Digestive System, Anatomically Correct, the online cat dissection