NCCC Is Affordable

You’ll pay significantly less for a year of full-time study at NCCC than you would at most other schools. Isn’t Psych 101 Psych 101 no matter how much it costs?

If your plans include a bachelor’s degree, you can save thousands of dollars by starting at NCCC. With several dual-admission and transfer options, NCCC makes it easy to continue your education at hundreds of colleges and universities.

And to make your college dream even more affordable, NCCC offers a wide variety of scholarships and other financial aid.

NCCC Gets to Know You

Why be just a number at a larger school when you can be an individual at NCCC? Small class sizes mean you can interact one-on-one with faculty members, who get to know you as a person. And when your instructors know you and where you’re going, they can help you get there.

NCCC Helps You Succeed

You don’t have to search New York State for one of the top SUNY schools. NCCC’s exceptional placement rates at four-year institutions—and in the job market—mean that you could be in high demand upon graduation. Did you know that:

  • 100 percent of recent graduates from certain NCCC health programs either are continuing their education or have already found employment in the field?
  • Every graduate of NCCC’s Black Jack Dealer course gets an audition with a Seneca casino, and 98 percent of these graduates land a job that pays around $30,000 a year?

NCCC Offers You Cutting-Edge Technology

With technology changing so quickly, NCCC understands that you need the right tools to stay ahead. That’s why NCCC invests in new smart-technology classrooms, provides Wi-Fi access across campus, and offers several open-access computer labs.

NCCC Gives You Convenience

NCCC has more than 70 programs that you can take anytime, anywhere. You can even earn your degree completely online through NCCC.