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Keynote Speaker Series

Spring 2023

Sapere Aude: The Role of Expertise in Human Debate

This presentation will assess the role of trust in expertise from an epistemological perspective, drawing on some classic debates in the history of philosophy as well as some recent debates in social networks.

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Keynote Speaker Series

Fall 2021

“Artists’ Homes and Studios: Inspiring Spaces”

How did archaeology at Rembrandt’s house reveal new information about his painting?  How did Monet create one of the most famous backyards in art history?   Why did Georgia O’Keeffe have two houses in New Mexico?  Join Nancy Knechtel for a look at the places where artists lived and created some of their greatest work.

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Keynote Speaker Series

Spring 2020

“To the Moon and Back Again: The Space Race, Buffalo-Niagara and the Impossible Task”

Since President Kennedy’s 1961 call to land a man on the moon, the story of the Apollo program has been streamlined and mythologized.  Seen now by many as a foregone conclusion, it is the one universally admired American accomplishment.  This talk will place the space race into the context of the 1950s and 60s. It will show how Kennedy’s audacious timeline required remarkable teamwork and sacrifice, highlighting the critical contributions from the Buffalo-Niagara Region, and it will try to explain why the moon landings did not lead to other manned space exploration.

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Spring 2019

“Garden Myth Busting: How to Weed Through the Internet”

Save time, money, and your back when Carolyn separates gardening fact from fiction when she presents “Garden Myth Busting: How to Weed through the Internet”. Science has evolved, but the Internet keeps spreading garden myths that cost you time, money, and can harm your landscape. This talk will help you understand what works and what doesn’t in a science-based, environmentally friendly and fun talk focusing on sustainable best practices for your home garden. You might be surprised. Join us for a plant scientist’s look at the gardening do’s and don’ts going viral on Facebook, Pinterest, and other gardening websites. Your gardening questions will be answered as time allows.

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