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General Education Mobile (GEM)


Can I take only the courses I need?

You can and should only take courses that contribute to your major course of study. See the College GEM approved courses and course schedule.

Do I need special technology to take the online classes?

Generally, you will need a computer with a reliable Internet connection and software like Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. As a student at SUNY Niagara you have access to download Office 365 for FREE with your T-Wolves email address. (To download or learn more about Office 365; log into Blackboard Learn, go to the “Student Resources & Policies” tab then select the Office 365 link/picture). Some courses, like Public Speaking, will require a device to record yourself presenting speeches. A webcam or video camera is normally sufficient. If there are any other special technology requirements for your course, your instructor will inform you once you begin your course.

How can I obtain a transcript?

Information on how to order an official transcript can be found at Unofficial transcripts are available through Banner web and are at no charge.

How do I access my final grades?

Final grades are available through Banner web*. Once you log in:

  1. Click on “Student & Financial Aid”
  2. Click on “Student Records”
  3. Click on “Final Grades”
  4. Select Term
  5. Click on “Submit”. Scroll down to view final grades.

*Allow one week after last day of classes to view grades

If you need an OFFICIAL transcript with grades, please see the FAQ above on obtaining a transcript.

How will CCAF know I’ve taken GEM courses to complete my CCAF degree requirements?

Students must request an official SUNY Niagara transcript be sent to CCAF. Request a SUNY Niagara transcript when you have completed all necessary GEM courses.

How will I receive information about logging into my online course?

Once enrolled in an online course at SUNY Niagara, you receive an automatic email to your T-Wolves student e-mail from the Online Learning department with valuable getting started instructions. Your online course will not start until the official start day of the semester, but you will receive emails to your T-Wolves email account one week prior to and on the official start day of the semester reminding you the semester is beginning. You should continue to log into your T-Wolves email and course regularly throughout the semester.

What do I do if I need to drop/withdraw?

You may drop a course online through Banner web up until 20% of the course has been completed. Beyond that date, you may submit a withdrawal request online through Banner web. Once logged into Banner Web, click on Student & Financial Aid, then Registration, and the Withdrawal from College (All Classes) link can be found at the bottom. Please note that dropping a course may affect benefits. You are responsible for fees even if you drop a course after it has commenced.

What documents need to be submitted to register?

The SUNY Niagara GEM application is needed for registering. Upon processing your application, you will receive a copy of your schedule along with the welcome letter that includes login information for Banner Web, T-Wolves student e-mail and Blackboard.

What is the cost?

SUNY Niagara is very affordable. There is zero tuition cost for eligible service members approved for tuition assistance.

Active service members station outside of New York qualify for our resident rate.

See GEM tuition and fees for current rates.

When is the latest I can register for a GEM course after I have been approved for TA?

All GEM students should register as early as possible to allow for the paperwork to be processed as well as all accounts to be created. The latest to register for a GEM course is the day before a course begins.

Where will the final grade be posted?

Final grades are posted in Banner web upon completion of the course. Please allow one week after the last day of classes to view grades.