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General Education Mobile (GEM)

Return Policy Regarding Military GEM Tuition Assistance

SUNY Niagara (“SUNY Niagara”) returns unearned military tuition assistance (“MTA”) on a proportional basis as outlined below. A student’s official withdrawal date is used to determine the last day of attendance for purposes of computing unearned MTA. Instances when a student stops attending due to a military service obligation, SUNY Niagara will work with the student on a solution that will not result in student debt for the returned portion.

7.5-week Module Course (53 days)

1 - 6100%
7 - 1185%
12 - 1675%
17 - 2165%
22 - 2755%
28 - 3145%
3240% (60% of course is completed)
330% return