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Honors Institute

We become what inspires us.
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Course Offerings

Fall 2023


CRN#CourseCourse NameSeatsDay / Format / TimeCreditsInstructor
31114ANT 105Intro to Archeology10R/8HM / W 2:00-3:15pm 3Dr. Erika Ruhl
31103CIN 112Intro to Narrative Film10R/8HOnline3Dr. Suzanne Buffamanti
30784HED 201Healthful Living13R/8HT / R 11:00am-12:15pm3John Strong
31120HON 103Honors Colloquium III:
Psychology and Wellness: The Science of Stress, Willpower, and Motivation
18HM 1:00-1:50pm1Christina Taylor
31126LLC 161Honors Colloquium: Informational Literacy18HOnline1Andrew Aquino
This Colloquium will focus on how to conduct research utilizing the SUNY Niagara Library resources. Your research may result in a Student Showcase project.

Any student may seek permission to take an honors course with permission of the Honors coordinator, Pamela Lange,, or by permission of the instructor teaching the course.


Pamela Lange
Assistant Professor
Location: E-227