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NCCC offers micro-credentials to help students develop and authenticate their professional competencies and personal development. Successful completion of a micro-credential cumulates in an earned digital badge that can be immediately available to employers and others via one’s online curriculum vitae and social network. With our digital badges, Niagara County Community College students have the opportunity to be on the forefront of professional and personal development.

NCCC utilizes Credly’s Acclaim (Acclaim), a digital badging provider. Credly’s Acclaim provides recognition of earned skills and achievements with secure and verifiable digital badges. Digital badges can be used by their holders in any digital medium including email signatures, personal web sites, social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as on electronic copies of resumes. Credly is the leading digital credential service provider for verifying, sharing, and managing digital credentials and badges.


What is a micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a short-term credential that may or may not be credit bearing. Micro-credentialing is a way to recognize competencies or skills acquired through a variety of learning experiences. Micro-credentials are shorter in length than a regular course and they are more narrowly focused. Micro-credentialing also allow students, faculty, staff and community members to document their professional development. Participants have the flexibility to select their own learning experiences and set their own personal learning pathway.


What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual icon of your micro-credential. It identifies your learned skills. Badges, like the one in this picture, are embedded with information about when, where and how a micro-credential was earned.

Badges provide a visual record of achievement, and can be combined with a portfolio to allow users to demonstrate their learning in ways other than traditional credit course work.

Why micro-credentialing?

  • Beginning fall 2019, NCCC will offer credit and/or non-credit courses/activities called micro-credentials that help individuals develop and authenticate their professional competencies and personal development.
  • If you ever heard of the term MOOC (massive, open, online courses)–then you already are aware of what a micro credential is.
  • Micro-credentials may take a few hours or a few weeks to complete. Successful completion of a micro-credential or a series of micro-credentials (called stackable credentials) may “stack” into a credit bearing degree or certificate program.
  • NCCC is one of several SUNY schools venturing into the area of micro-credentials.
  • Participants will earn digital badges that can be immediately available to employers and others via one’s online curriculum vitae and social network.
  • To further enhance one’s knowledge or skills.

What are the sources of NCCC badges?

Sources for micro-credentials:

  1. Academic Credit
  2. Professional Development (FRCAE)
  3. Student Life
  4. Workforce Development

How do I earn a micro-credential?

  1. Register for the micro-credential.
  2. Complete the micro’s requirements.
  3. Submit evidence of your competencies, as per your facilitator’s instructions. The required evidence might be an earned grade, a written reflection, a combination of the two or something entirely different.
  4. Wait while your facilitator evaluates your submitted evidence.
  5. Receive verification of your micro-credential.
  6. Apply for your earned digital badge.
  7. Share your digital badge on your curriculum vitae, your email signature line, and/or social media platforms.

Why should I earn a micro credential?

For the same reasons you would take courses, attend workshops or complete webinars. It is generally because you want to grow both personally and professionally. One reason could be that your employer requires you to earn a micro-credential.  Another reason is that you are fond of a particular subject matter and want to learn more about it.

I’m working towards a degree at NCCC. How will micro credentials fit into my program?

The micro-credentials we offer support several degree programs. Earning a micro-credential within your program demonstrates additional rigor and broadens one’s knowledge within the degree. It is important to know that micro-credentials hours measure actual competencies, not just seat time or completion of papers. Earned micro-credentials will appear on students’ co-curricula transcripts.

What do others learn from my digital badge?

When posted online, your digital badge can be viewed by others. Employers, college admission officers, friends, parents, and colleagues can see when, where and how the badge was earned. A digital badge does provide more information than a transcript.

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