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Good Academic Standing

NCCC’s academic standards are designed to assist students in achieving their educational goals. The system provides periodic and helpful intervention for students working toward completion of a college degree or certificate. The College supports a three-part intervention system: Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal.

Matriculated status and good academic standing are granted at the time a student is accepted into an approved curriculum. In order to maintain matriculated status (and all the benefits associated with it, including financial aid eligibility), a student must meet the academic policies as follows. Failure to meet the required standards will result in loss of matriculated status. Please note that the warning and probation policies do not affect matriculation. Academic Dismissal will result in loss of matriculated status.

Academic Progress for matriculated status is measured based on the chart below using credits attempted, credits earned, and grade point average:

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information about academic progress for the New York State Programs (TAP and APTS).

After Attempting This Many Credits:12-2526-3940-5354-6768-8182-9495+
You Must Have Earned at Least This Many:6122130425462
With a Cumulative GPA of at Least:0.501.001.501.752.02.02.0
Semester-Based Probation: Students who do not meet the above criteria will be evaluated based on their current semester academic progress and will be considered on probation if they meet the following criteria.
Students registered for 6-11 credit hrs. must complete6666666
Students registered for 12+ credit hrs. must complete9999999
With a semester GPA of at Least2.


Academic Probation

Students on probation are expected to fulfill the terms outlined in their probation letter.  Failure to comply with this responsibility is grounds for denial of any future academic appeal requests.  Exceptions for any subsequent dismissals will only be granted for hardship situations.  Probation status is awarded when students who have been academically dismissed are granted a semester to show they can make academic progress towards their degree requirements.  There are three categories of academic probation:

  • First-time Dismissals:  Students in this category did not make progress based on the above chart but are granted a one-time automatic probationary status to demonstrate their ability to do college level work.  This status does not apply to students dismissed based on the Academic Foundations coursework policy stated below.
  • Semester-Based Probation:  Students in this category typically have had educational challenges early in their educational pursuit but are now doing very well.  Students must meet the criteria in the Semester-Based Probation category in the above chart.
  • Approved Academic Appeal:  Students in this category have been academically dismissed and do not meet the standard for automatic probation.  Appeal information is discussed below in the Academic Dismissal section. Students on Academic Probation may receive a separate letter from the Financial Aid Office regarding their eligibility for future awards.


Academic Dismissal

Academic dismissal (loss of matriculation) and/or the loss of financial aid occur when a student fails to meet applicable College and/or Financial Aid academic policies.  Students must be able to document extenuating circumstances for not making academic progress and outline a plan for future academic success.

  • Appeals for Continuing Students (those currently enrolled):  Students will be evaluated based on the above chart at the end of each semester. Appeal instructions will be mailed to the student after the semester grades have been evaluated. No appeal requests will be accepted prior to the official evaluation data that is evaluated.
  • Appeals for Readmit Students:  Students who have taken a semester or more off and are now interested in returning to NCCC should call 716-614-6450 to register for one of the academic appeal workshops listed. View a list of workshop dates and times.

Foundations Coursework

Students Placed in Academic Foundations Coursework

Placement in academic foundations courses is determined by scores achieved on the College placement tests.  Students who score below the NCCC standard in Writing, Reading and/or Mathematics are required to enroll in the appropriate academic foundations course(s) listed below:

Writing:  ENG 099
Reading:  AAC 041/042
Mathematics:  MAT 012, 023

College policy states that students are required to enroll in foundations courses in their first semester.

  • A student placed in all three foundations courses must pass at least one after the first attempt or face academic dismissal.
  • Students enrolled in one or two foundations courses must pass the foundations course(s) after a maximum of two consecutive attempts or face academic dismissal.

When it is necessary to repeat a foundations course it must be repeated in the next period of enrollment.  Foundations courses are non-credit and are not used to calculate academic standing (attempted hours, earned hours, or GPA).

Contact Academic Affairs

Phone: 716-614-6450
Fax: 716-614-6406
Location: Notar Admin Bldg.
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:00pm