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Starfish Success Network

Progress Surveys

The Starfish system offers a user-friendly reporting feature called “Progress Surveys.” For the Spring 2019 semester, faculty will be asked to complete Progress Surveys for Census Attendance, Academic Deficiency, Census, and S/U/W/I Recommendation Survey.

Mandatory Census and AD faculty reporting was moved over to Starfish at the request of Academic Affairs and Registration & Records in Spring of 2018 due to ease of use, faculty experience, end of Banner “Faculty Feedback” system, and the overall spirit of a central communication system.

Additional tracking items (flags, kudos, referrals and to-dos) were selected by a panel of faculty members who have used the system and wanted to merge Faculty Feedback notifications with these reports to save time and reduce the number of reports per semester.


Starfish Success Team
Phone: 716-614-6888

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