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Career & Transitional Services

This department brings together multiple services that support students throughout their time at NCCC and beyond.

Accessibility Services FAQs

How will my professors know that I receive extended time on my tests as well as other accommodations?

Once the adjustments are set up, you will receive accommodation letters via your T Wolves email. Please share the accommodation letters with your instructors.

After initial set up, you will receive updated accommodation letters emailed to your T Wolves account at the start of every semester. Sharing the letter with your professors will let the instructors know what academic adjustments you receive.  It is important to share the accommodation letter with the instructors, especially if you are taking online courses, as the instructors will refer to the accommodation letter for setting up online testing timeframes.

I received Special Education Services in High School. What special education programs do you have at NCCC?

NCCC does not have special education programs. Students with disabilities are in the same classes and have to meet the same requirements as all other students. We provide academic adjustments to students with disabilities based upon appropriate documentation and self-reporting. Often services will be similar to some of what was received in high school.

If my accommodations include use of adaptive technology, how will I know how to use these tools?

There is a wide range of adaptive technology available for students who are assigned these types of accommodations. Students can set up an appointment with the Accessibility Services Coordinator at 614-6285 to get trained in the use of adaptive software and hardware. Training can be done via video call or in person.

What documentation is required to receive academic adjustments?

Documentation will vary based upon your situation. It needs to be current and relevant to how your disability affects your functioning within an academic setting. For more information on documentation and how to submit documents to us click here: Documentation Guidelines

What do I need to do to receive academic adjustments at NCCC?

Contact Accessibility Services at 614-6285 to schedule an appointment to meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator. Appointments may occur by phone, video conference, or in person.


Accessibility Services
Phone: 716-614-6728