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Student Success Information is available to all NCCC students. To schedule an individual meeting please see the contact information in the drop down.

Academic Information

Finding Academic Support on Campus

Did you know that NCCC has free academic resources all over campus (and online)? As a college student it is important to make yourself aware of the resources available on campus that can contribute to your academic success. NCCC offers a variety of academic resources; from the Academic Center for Excellence to open lab access, and online study guides. Make an appointment today to learn about the free academic resources offered to all NCCC students.

Contact: Madison Ebsary / Phone: 716-614-6453 / Email:

I Need Some Help!!!

Are you feeling confused about how to start your class assignments? Need to find “scholarly” articles, whatever they are? Maybe some one-on-one time with your own personal librarian can help get you moving in the right direction! We can work together finding and evaluating sources for your current assignment at a time that works for you. Once you learn good research skills, you will be set to apply them to all of your future assignments, regardless of the topic.

Contact: Mary Beth Morse / Phone: 716-614-6781 / Email:

Scheduling Your Semester for Success

Set up your semester for success by creating a schedule that incorporates all of your coursework, readings, and quizzes while still accounting for your personal commitments too! Be sure to bring all of your course syllabi and other important dates and times (ex. work schedules, special occasion dates, etc.) with you to your individual appointment where you will create a semester-long schedule. This schedule will be a great resource for time management and study skills!

Contact: Madison Ebsary / Phone: 716-614-6453 / Email:

Advisement & Registration Information

Degree Evaluations Using Degree Works

This hands on workshop will show you how to verify if the coursework you are taking or have taken is putting you on track for graduation. We will show you how to properly run a degree evaluation using Degree Works. This workshop will provide you with step-by-step instructions for running degree evaluations and “What-If” Analyses and then interpreting the results. Both students and advisors are encouraged to attend. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and run their own degree evaluations during the appointment.

Contact: Melissa Lock / Phone: 716-614-6206 / Email:

Contact: Kristin Leszkowicz / Phone: 716-614-6493 / Email:

How to Use Course Scheduler

Come and see the new software that builds class schedule options that work for you. Tell us what days/times you cannot take classes. Tell us what classes you need to take. Then view a variety of class schedules that work for you! It’s the latest and greatest software that considers your busy schedules and streamlines the time it takes to build a schedule.

Contact: Melissa Lock / Phone: 716-614-6206 / Email:

Contact: Kristin Leszkowicz / Phone: 716-614-6493 / Email:

Non-Matriculated Student Concerns

Students will meet with an advisor on campus who is responsible to serve as a resource person for non-matriculated students. This workshop will also discuss the benefits and procedures of becoming a matriculated student for those who are interested. Students unable to attend the workshop should contact Student Resource Center at 614-6290 for any assistance needed.

Contact: Deborah J. Robinson, Ph.D. / Phone: 716-614-6286 / Email:

Career Services Information

So You Want to Go Into a High Demand Program…

This workshop is designed to discuss the academic requirements that students need to know if they are considering curriculum changes into the following programs: Animal Management, Phlebotomy, Physical Therapy Assistant, Medical Assistant, Massage Therapy, Surgical Technology, and Radiologic Technology.

Contact: Deborah J. Robinson, Ph.D. / Phone: 716-614-6286 / Email:

First Year Experience (FYE) Information

Advisement Preparation and Academic Planning

Have you found yourself asking: How do I register for next semester? What classes should I take? Who is my advisor and how do I find them? Do I even have an advisor? Can I walk in to see them or do I need an appointment? Can I use my old RAP number? What if I want to change my major and how do I do it? These and many more questions will be answered by attending this workshop. It will help you feel more prepared and confident when meeting with your advisor and instruct you on using Degree Works degree evaluation and Banner Web more effectively. Remember – Fall and Summer registration is right around the corner so don’t miss out on this workshop!
Contact: Winifred Storms / Phone: 716-614-6222 (ext. 5970)  / Email:

Contact: Kelsey Zuccari / Phone: 716-614-6222 (ext. 2537)  / Email:

Does My Major Determine My Career?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a major, including the type of job/field you desire, salary, education/training required, growth outlook, etc. If you are questioning whether the major you chose is the right one for you or if you are thinking about changing your major but aren’t sure which one to choose, consider attending this session where we will discuss these topics and more!

Contact: Daniel Teichman / Phone: 716-614- 6427 / Email:

Contact: Kelsey Zuccari / Phone: 716-614-6222 (ext. 2537)  / Email:

Don’t Freak Out Over Finals!

It’s normal for college students to feel overly stressed about finals week, but there are ways to manage the stress and use it to your benefit! Join this interactive workshop to gain valuable tips on stress management and help you “stay cool” during finals week.

Contact:Janelle M. Ventura, LMSW  / Phone: 716-614-6485  / Email:

Contact: Joann Chopra  / Phone: 716-614-6275  / Email:

Contact: Kelsey Zuccari / Phone: 716-614-6222 (ext. 2537)  / Email:

Study Skills and College Success

You’ve gotten your high school degree or equivalency, but did you learn how to study along the way? You may have done well in high school without ever having to study, or maybe you struggled to get through. It’s very common for new college students to not have the skills set or the discipline to study effectively: something that is essential to be successful in college. You will find it isn’t all about working harder, but finding more effective and efficient ways to utilize the time you have to get the work done. Please join us to learn some proven techniques and discover resources that will help you keep those grades up in college or boost them to the next level.
Contact: Kelly Boswell / Phone: 716-614-5923 / Email:

Contact: Kelsey Zuccari / Phone: 716-614-6222 (ext. 2537)  / Email:

Health & Wellness Information

Spring Health Fair

The Spring Health Fair is open to students, staff, and the community. There will be vendors from many agencies providing health/wellness information and free screenings such as blood pressure, etc… There will also be a drawing for FREE prizes.

Contact: Wellness Center Staff / Phone: 716-614-6275

Substance Abuse Awareness Workshop

Join us for our Monthly Substance Abuse educational series!! This is an interactive workshop, open to any participants interested in increasing their knowledge about substance abuse and its effects.

Contact:Janelle M. Ventura, LMSW  / Phone: 716-614-6485  / Email:

Scholarship Information

How to Apply for NCCC Scholarships

Learn how easy it is to get free money by fully utilizing the NCCC Scholarship Webpage. These workshops will focus on how to apply for not only NCCC scholarships, but also many other outside scholarships offered on and off campus. We will assist with navigating through the online scholarship system and give tips on how to write an essay that will stand out from the rest.

Contact: Lisa Mahl / Phone: 716-614-6205 / Email:

Support Groups

SALUTE - National Veterans Honor Society Information Session

SALUTE (Service-Leadership-Unity-Tribute-Excellence) is a national academic honor society recognizing veterans and military personnel who have demonstrated outstanding performance in the academic setting. One of the primary goals of SALUTE is to acknowledge, congratulate and recognize members who have shown courage, strength, leadership, excellence and perseverance in their military endeavors and now are showing that same commitment to their academic careers. Attendees of this workshop will be given information regarding eligibility and application requirements for the organization. If you are unable to attend the workshop but would like information about SALUTE, contact the Veteran Services office (B-103 or call 614-6283).

Contact: Veteran Services (B-103) / Phone: 716-614-6873 / Email:

Single Moms Group Meetings

As part of the Mapping Opportunities for Single Parents program at NCCC, this group gives single mothers a chance to get together and support one another. Sessions will also either include a guided discussion topic, guest presenter, or fun activity. All single mothers are welcome!

Contact: Kelly Boswell / Phone: 716-614-5923 / Email:

The VA Tutorial Assistance Program

Are you having difficulty with a class? If you are a student receiving VA educational benefits, there is a program that may help you. The VA Tutorial Assistance Program is available if you are receiving VA educational assistance at a half-time or greater rate and have a deficiency in a course that is part of your approved program, making tutoring necessary. This session will provide information on how the tutorial assistance program works, who is eligible, and how to apply. (Note: this benefit in not available under REAP).

Contact: Veteran Services (B-103) / Phone: 716-614-6873 / Email:

Veterans and Military Students Meet & Greet Reception

This is an opportunity for new and returning veterans and military students to:

  • Enjoy a break from classes and free food
  • Find out about NCCC’s Veterans Association
  • Get more information about other veteran student services
  • Meet other veterans

Contact: Veteran Services (B-103) / Phone: 716-614-6873 / Email:

Technology Resources Information

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started in an Online or Hybrid Course?

In this workshop, you will learn how to log in and get started in your online or hybrid course(s).

Topics Covered:

  • Course calendar/schedule and when to “attend class”
  • How to contact your professor
  • Logging on, finding your course and navigation
  • NCCC Online Learning Student Orientation, Resources, Help
  • What is a Hybrid or Online Course, Expectation, Requirements, Attendance
  • Where to find assignments

Contact: Online Learning Department (D-303) / Phone: 716-614-6488 / Email:

Tech Tools to be Successful at NCCC

In this workshop, you will learn how to find NCCC resources, free technology tools, and how to use the tools NCCC provides their students.

Topics Covered:

  • Accessing, searching researching NCCC resources such as Hoonuit and Lynda
  • How to access Blackboard and find your courses
  • How to get Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access) for free
  • How to use Google Drive
  • Learn how your professors communicate with you through technology

Contact: Online Learning Department (D-303) / Phone: 716-614-6488 / Email:

My Professor is Using Blackboard for Assignments. What Do I Do?

In this workshop, we will explore. How your professor might be using Blackboard for course information, tests, and assignments.

Topics Covered:

  • How do tests work in Blackboard
  • How to find Blackboard assignments
  • How to review grades, rubrics, and feedback
  • How to submit an assignment

Contact: Online Learning Department (D-303) / Phone: 716-614-6488 / Email:


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