Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Division Faculty

Bridget Beilein
Assistant Professor, Foreign Language
Education: Masters of Science in Secondary Education-Niagara University 12/06
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish w/minor in French-Michigan State University-5/02
Phone: 716-614-6717
Location: E-237

Mark Bonacci, Ph.D., LMSW
Professor; Coordinator, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Coordinator, Human Services
Education: Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo, Master of Science, New York University, Bachelor of Science, Manhattanville College
Phone: 716-614-6755
Location: E-132

Robert Borgatti
Professor; Coordinator, Digital Media
Education: Master of Science, Syracuse University, Bachelor of Arts, Niagara University
Phone: 716-614-6793
Location: F-141

Barbara Buckman
Professor; Coordinator, Fine Arts
Education: Master of Fine Arts, Hunter College, Bachelor of Fine Arts, SUNY College at Buffalo
Phone: 716-614-5963
Location: F-132

Suzanne Buffamanti, Ph.D.
Professor, English
Education: Purdue University; Ph.D., Purdue University, Master of Art and Bachelor of Art, University of Rochester
Honors: State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence 2007-08.
Phone: 716-614-6715
Location: E-244

Salvatore Catarina
Instructor, Criminal Justice
Education: Bachelor of Arts – Political Science, Syracuse University, Master of Arts – School of Criminal Justice, SUNY Albany
Phone: 716-614-6768
Location: E-255

Matthew J. Clarcq, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, History; Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities & Social Science Coordinator
Education: Ph.D., Master of Science, SUNY at Buffalo, Bachelor of Science, SUNY at Geneseo
Honors: State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, 2011-12
Phone: 716-614-6753
Location: E-130

Donald Fisher, Ph.D.
Professor, History
Education: Ph.D. and Master of Arts, SUNY at Buffalo, Bachelor of Arts, St. John Fisher College
Phone: 716-614-6759
Location: E-131

Michele Hamilton
Professor, Childhood Education; Coordinator, Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (Jointly Registered With SUNY College At Buffalo – Childhood Education 1-6 BS); Coordinator, Liberal Arts & Sciences: TESOL (Jointly Registered with Niagara University); Coordinator, Teaching Assistant
Education: Master of Science, SUNY at Buffalo, Bachelor of Science, Buffalo State College, Associate in Arts, Niagara County Community College
Honors: State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, 1987-1989.
Phone: 716-614-6708
Location: E-227

Katherine Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor, Sociology
Education: Ph.D. and Master of Science, SUNY at Buffalo, Bachelor of Science, Buffalo State College
Phone: 716-614-6812
Location: E-132

Rebekah Keaton, Ph.D.
Professor, English
Education: Ph.D. and Master of Art, Michigan State University; Bachelor of Art, SUNY at Buffalo
Phone: 716-614-6809
Location: E-229

Nancy Knechtel
Professor, Fine Arts
Education: Master of Arts and Humanities, SUNY at Buffalo, Bachelor of Arts, SUNY College at Buffalo
Honors: SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1992-93
Location: F-140

Pamela Lange
Assistant Professor, Academic Achievement
Education: Master of Science, Literacy Specialist (Birth-Grade 12), Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education, Buffalo State College
Phone: 716-614-6877
Location: E-227

Yu Liu, Ph.D.
Professor, English
Education: Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo, Master of Science, Edinburgh University, UK, Master of Art, Lancaster University, UK, Bachelor of Art, Loyang Foreign Languages Institute, China
Phone: 716-614-6712
Location: E-228

Robert Morris
Professor, English; Division Chair
Education: Master of Art, University of North Carolina, Bachelor of Art, Presbyterian College, SC
Phone: 716-614-6720
Location: E-238

John Morse, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Humanities
Education: Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo, Juris Doctor, St. John’s University, Master of Art, University of Puerto Rico, Bachelor of Art, Boston College
Phone: 716-614-6804
Location: E-248

James Murphy, Ph.D.
Professor, English
Education: Ph.D., Fordham University, Bachelor of Art, Canisius College
Phone: 716-614-6725
Location: E-256

Cindy Oberjosh, Ed.D.
Professor; Coordinator, Disability Studies; Coordinator, Early Childhood Studies
Education: A.A.S., Niagara County Community College; B.S., SUNY at Buffalo; M.S., Canisius College; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Phone: 716-614-6756
Location: E-128

Rama Parai
Professor, Economics
Education: M.B.A., Case Western Reserve University, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science, University of Burdwan, India
Phone: 716-614-6409
Location: E-131

Marc Pietrzykowski, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Humanities
Education: Master of Fine Arts, Ph.D., Georgia State University, Bachelor of Arts, Empire State College
Phone: 716-614-6807
Location: E-228

Amanda D. Pollard
Associate Professor, Sociology
Education: Master of Science and Bachelor of Science, SUNY at Buffalo
Phone: 716-614-6885
Location: E-126

Paul Ratka
Assistant Professor, Economics
Education: Master of Arts, Economics, University at Buffalo; Bachelor of Arts, Daemen College
Phone: 716-614-6758
Location: E-126

Kenneth Rowe
Instructor, Animation
Education: Master of Arts, Univ. of Buffalo; Bachelor of Arts, Buffalo State College
Phone: 716-614-5962
Location: F-136

Elizabeth Sachs, Ph.D.
Professor, English
Education: Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master of Art. University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science, St. Olaf College
Phone: 716-614-6716
Location: E-229

Laura Scaletta
Professor, Psychology
Education: Master of Science, SUNY at Buffalo, Bachelor of Science, Brock University
Phone: 716-614-6767
Location: E-127

Joseph Schmidt
Associate Professor; Coordinator, Audio Recording and Production; Coordinator of Music
Education: Bachelor of Arts, SUNY at Buffalo
Phone: 716-614-5971
Location: F-131

Harsh Sharma, Ph.D.
Professor, English
Education: Ph.D. and Master of Arts, SUNY at Buffalo, Master of Art, Master’s of Philosophy and Bachelor of Arts, Punjab State University, India
Phone: 716-614-6723
Location: E-226

Theodore P. Skotnicki
Professor, Criminal Justice
Education: Master of Science, University of Chicago, Master of Science, Nelson A. Rockefeller School of Public Affairs, SUNY at Albany, Bachelor of Science, Niagara University
Phone: 716-614-6749
Location: E-247

Ian Stapley, Ph.D.
Professor, English
Education: Ph.D., Master of Science and Bachelor of Science, SUNY at Buffalo
Phone: 716-614-6722
Location: E-254

Marissa Pytlak-Surdyke
Instructor; Coordinator, Communication Studies
Education: ABD, Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning, SUNY Buffalo; Master of Arts, Communication
Studies, Texas State University-San Marcos; Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, SUNY Oswego.
Phone: 716-614-6742
Location: B-124

Christina M. Taylor
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Education: Master of Arts, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Bachelor of Arts, Niagara University
Phone: 716-614-6766
Location: E-129

Donald Topolski
Professor; Coordinator, Theatre Arts
Education: B.S., SUNY at Binghamton; M.S., SUNY at Buffalo 
Location: B-213

Robert Warner
Professor, Psychology
Education: Bachelor of Science, Arizona State University, Master of Science, SUNY at Geneseo
Honors: State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, 1995-96.
Phone: 716-614-6757
Location: E-249


Robert Morris
Division Chair
Phone: 716-614-6710 (E-238) and
716-614-6460 (B-138)
Location: E-238 and B-138