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Alumni Association

For those who leave SUNY Niagara, but for whom SUNY Niagara never leaves.

2023 nomination period is now closed, thank you!

Distinguished Alumni Wall

SUNY Niagara Distinguished

Alumni Award

The SUNY Niagara Distinguished Alumni Award, first given in 1988, is presented each year to graduates of SUNY Niagara who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their life, career, and volunteer activities. The award is one of the highest honors that the College bestows to those who can point to SUNY Niagara as the place where they obtained their start. Recipients are selected based on professional and personal accomplishments, community service, and unique background.

2023 Distinguished Alumni Recipient

Sheriff Michael Filicetti

Class of 2010

Mark Cye

Class of 1993

Want to Nominate or Apply?

Nomination Criteria

  • The nominated individual must have completed 50 or more credit hours at SUNY Niagara to be considered for this award. It is strongly recommended they are a graduate.
  • Nominees must have graduated or transferred from SUNY Niagara 10 or more years ago.
  • Nominees cannot be current SUNY Niagara, SUNY Niagara Foundation, SUNY Niagara Alumni Association, SUNY Niagara College Association, or Housing Board employees or Board members.
  • Nominees are to be retired from the entities mentioned above for two years prior to September 1 of the nominating year.
  • Persons running for political office will not be considered during the campaign period.
  • Nominees must be nominated by someone other than themselves.

Guidelines & Procedures

  • Complete & submit the Distinguished Alumni application brochure.
  • Answer all questions in a 1-page narrative.
  • Include a resume. A bio can be submitted if a resume isn’t available. If you submit a bio, please include why there is no resume. A resume or bio is not considered a replacement for the 1-page narrative.
  • Completed nominations must be submitted to the Alumni Office by Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

Applications can be submitted online using the button below or you can mail in a copy of the award form along with the 1-page narrative and resume. The deadline for all submissions is Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

Mailing Address for Printed Applications:
SUNY Niagara Alumni Office, 3111 Saunders Settlement Rd., Sanborn, NY 14132


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Previous Distinguished

Alumni Recipients

Check out the complete list of our previous Distinguished Alumni Award recipients with biographies and photos from the time of their induction. Search and explore by using their first or last name, their induction year, or the year they graduated!

Previous Recipients


Barbara DeSimone, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement
3111 Saunders Settlement Rd.
Sanborn, NY 14132
Phone: 716-614-5904

Julie Berrigan, Director of Development
3111 Saunders Settlement Rd.
Sanborn, NY 14132
Phone: 716-614-5911

Courtney Helinski, Assistant Director of Development
3111 Saunders Settlement Rd.
Sanborn, NY 14132
Phone: 716-614-6231