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September 12, 2022

Today, SUNY Niagara announced they had been selected as an education partner for Amazon’s Career Choice program, providing Amazon’s hourly employees the ability to pursue certificates and associate degrees in programs of their choosing at SUNY Niagara. The Amazon Career Choice program will provide an annual benefit covering tuition and select fees for all qualifying hourly employees accepted as students at SUNY Niagara.

“This partnership between Amazon and SUNY Niagara helps to remove one of the biggest barriers to continuing education—time and money,” said SUNY Niagara President William J. Murabito. “At SUNY Niagara, students can choose from over 50 high-quality programs and certificates. Our tuition is lower than many other area colleges, and several of our programs hold specialized accreditations. We offer flexible instructional methods to learn when it is convenient for you.”

Amazon’s Career Choice program is an education benefit that empowers employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere. The program meets individual learners where they are on their education journey through various education and upskilling opportunities, including full college tuition, industry certifications designed to lead to in-demand jobs, and foundational skills such as English language proficiency and high school diplomas and GEDs. In the U.S., the company is investing $1.2 billion to upskill more than 300,000 employees by 2025 to help move them into higher-paying, in-demand jobs.

Amazon’s Career Choice program has a rigorous selection process for third-party partner educators, choosing partners focused on helping employees through their education programs, assisting them with job placements, and offering education that leads to career success.

“We’re looking forward to SUNY Niagara coming on board as an education partner for Career Choice, adding to the hundreds of best-in-class offerings available to our employees,” said Carley Graham Garcia, Amazon’s head of community affairs for Amazon in New York. “We’re committed to empowering our employees by providing them access to the education and training they need to grow their careers, whether that’s with us or elsewhere. We have intentionally created a partner network of third-party educators and employers committed to providing excellent education, job placement resources, and continuous improvements to the experience. More than 80,000 Amazon employees worldwide have already participated in Career Choice, and we’ve seen first-hand how it can transform their lives.”

Senator Robert G. Ortt

“By joining forces with our new Amazon partners, SUNY Niagara will be creating an opportunity for employees to further their educations at a quality higher learning institution while also allowing them to develop new skills for their future careers. This is a great example of how local businesses can help develop and empower their current workforces. It can also serve as a blueprint for future employers to reference when deciding if Niagara County is a location where they wish to establish operations. I applaud all parties involved in this agreement for working together to utilize this program for the benefit of both employers and employees.”

Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello

“Thank you, Amazon, for your vision to assist your employees in pursuing higher education, SUNY Niagara will be an excellent partner for Amazon’s Career Choice Program.  SUNY Niagara provides many career choices in their programming.  Amazon’s commitment to assist their employees and their host communities is greatly appreciated by all.”

Assemblyman Michael J. Norris

“Career opportunities and advancement is rooted in the fabric of the American dream and economy success. Amazon’s commitment to ensuring that its Career Choice Program is accessible to its employees in partnership with SUNY Niagara in furtherance of this overall goal will no doubt positively impact and enhance its workforce, their families and our Niagara County economy and community. This investment is indeed a key component in ensuring long-term and sustainable careers in our region for generations to come.”

Town of Niagara Supervisor Lee Wallace

“We are grateful for this partnership between Amazon and SUNY Niagara. The opportunities created through the Career Choice program will enable many of our residents to further their education while continuing to work and advance in their career, paving the way for greater economic prosperity in our communities. We appreciate Amazon expanding their commitment within Niagara County.”

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