b'AlumniSpotlightFeatured Alumni AccomplishmentsTayllor Clark 20If Im not busy, Im bored, said NCCC alumnae Tayllor Clark,that I shared my entire college experience with. Thanks to and I was never bored at NCCC!. As Student GovernmentNCCC, I have been provided with so many leadershipAssociation president, Tayllor found herself in a unique situ- and life-changing experiences that I cant say thank you ation never faced before when the Coronavirus (COVID-19)enough. crisis occurred. As a student, I was nervous and uncertainIn May 2020, Tayllor graduated from NCCC with her degreehow my education would transition to online, but as a leader,in Culinary Arts. She was also the recipient of the NCCCI needed to reassure everyone that things would be okay andPresidents Medallion and the SUNY Chancellors Awardthat we were all in this together. for Student Excellence. The NCCC Presidents Medallion isWhen the pandemic hit, my main priority was to remain thepresented to only one graduating student each year whovoice of the student body, but we also had to think of newhas contributed significantly to the development of co- and creative ways to keep students actively engaged. Andcurricular programs at the College. The SUNY Chancellors active they were! Tayllor, in addition to Student Life and Award for Student Excellence honors students who have best the Student Government Association, went virtual offeringdemonstrated their integration of academic excellence with students a variety of online events and activities such asother aspects of their lives, which may include leadership, trivia night, DIY projects, recipes, and more.campus involvement, athletics, community service or creative Not only did Tayllor step up to support her fellow students,and performing arts.but she also made sure the NCCC Class of 2020 gave back toTayllor will be continuing her education at SUNY Buffalotheir community. Tayllor, NCCC, and the NCCC Foundation State to pursue her degree in Career and Technical Education. coordinated with Tops Friendly Markets to bake 18,000Although I hope to own and operate a restaurant one day, cookies. The Niagara County Sheriffs Department distributedmy ultimate goal is to become a professor and educate future the cookies to local hospitals, nursing homes, firehouses, EMTchefs of the world! I can only hope to inspire and educate services, the Niagara County Health Department, and policestudents in the same way that I was by my grandfather and my stations as a small gesture of gratitude for all of their extraprofessors at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute. In particular, efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chef Steiner motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams and Throughout her time at NCCC, Tayllor was also a member ofalways encouraged my extracurricular activities.the NFCI Student Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and Campus ActivitiesUpon graduating from NCCC and ending her term as Student Board, along with working as a Student Ambassador and anSenate president, Tayllor had this to say to her classmates: I Orientation Leader. Although I would describe myself as anam so proud of all that we have accomplished both in-person outgoing person, said Tayllor, I was nervous making theand online! I hope that we can all continue to grow by setting transition from high school to college. During my freshmangoals and holding ourselves accountable for them. NCCC orientation, I stopped at the Student Life information tablehas been one of the best experiences of my life and I want to and without knowing it found an incredible group of peoplethank everyone who made that possible. Go Thunderwolves!.2019-2020 Connections Magazine5'